ePassporte - Deposit Method At Casinos and Poker Sites

ePassporte is one of the quickest and effortless ways of receiving timely payments. ePassporte accounts are anonymous. A bank account is not needed for registering an account with ePassporte, thus no explanation to your bank is required relating to the whereabouts of your received sum. You do not have to wait for hours or weeks to cash your checks or be concerned about wire transfers. An ePassporte account allows you to receive instant money. You can easily rush to casinos who accept ePassporte deposits. The system for payment of ePassporte has been developed by experts in ecommerce, and it secures your identity as well as your cash while you receive the worldwide facilities of Visa. You also receive a plastic card that has more or less a similar function to ATM,s and where you can withdraw cash and shop from most international counters.

Benefits of ePassporte for Casino and Poker Transactions

  • No extra charges for sending payments.
  • You can maintain your account statement easily.
  • No requisite for a Credit Approval. Just register with your prevailing credit card.
  • You can transact easily in casinos as soon as you are registered with ePassporte.
  • It provides a Real-Time payment atmosphere.

Charges for ePassporte Transactions

  • ePassporte card requires a single setup charge of $40.
  • Withdrawal of money through ATMs charges $2 per transaction.
  • Utilizing ePassporte card for casinos does not require additional charges.

Fund Transfer Technique to Casinos and Poker Sites

First, register at a casino or poker site that accepts ePassporte deposits. After finding and registering at the casino, you need to register at ePassporte by filling out the form and creating a user ID for your transactions. The procedure of depositing funds to your ePassporte account is as follows:
  • Log on to your account in ePassporte with your username and password.
  • Click the deposit option and write the amount that you want to be transferred from your credit card.
  • As soon as your ePassporte account is refilled, it is ready to be utilized at a casino site.
After you complete the refilling procedure of your ePassporte, take the next step for funding your casino or poker account:

  • Sign in with your user ID at the poker or casino site.
  • Click the deposit button and choose the option that permits using the ePassporte account for transfer.
  • Transfer the amount by going through the simple procedure.

However, it should be noted that US Players cannot use ePassporte for funding their online casino accounts. This is due to the fact that ePassporte services have been specifically designed for Poker sites in USA. The reason for choosing ePassporte over other options is that it gives you an added advantage of withdrawing cash, shopping, and transferring funds along with the option of gaming at casino and poker sites