Online Slots

The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fay in 1887. Known as the Liberty Bell, it was a classic 3-reel, 1-payline slot. Today, there are thousands of slot machines at online casinos whose variety includes the classic 3-reel, 5-reel, multiple paylines, progressive, and theme-based slots.

Types of Slots

Online SlotsAlthough the 3-reel slot machine still exists today, it is quite different from the first slot machine invented in that the symbols are more creative and offer additional bonus features. In the 5-reel slot category, you will find a cross-over of multiple payline 5-reel slots, bonus features such as wilds, scatters, and free spins, and 5-reel progressive slots. There are also interactive slots such as the I-Slots. Paylines can range from 1 to 243!

How to Play Slots

There are many theories about playing slots and winning strategies. Some experts recommend that you bet the maximum number of coins to yield the highest payout. But because most online slots have a minimum bet of 1 cent, you can generally win without having to bet the maximum because the payout percentage at the best online gambling sites is 98%. Thus, online casino players have a significant advantage. Playing online slots requires that you fully understand the game. This can be achieved by reading the paytable available on every slot game. The paytable provides complete information on symbols and payouts, bonus games, free spins, and winning combinations.

3 Kinds of Online Casino Games You'll Find at Most Online Casinos

There's little doubt that slot games are to be found in every online casino. Most players will join casinos because of the slots available, along with other services and features of the site. However, not all players opt for slot games. Those that do might also like to make a change now and then.

Here, we discover three other types of online casino games you are likely to find at most casinos on the internet today. Have you tried any of these yet, and if not, are you going to? Most have demo versions available if you aren't sure what to expect.

Video poker games

These typically get their own section in the menu of an online casino. There are more varieties of video poker than you might be aware of too. Some games are available to play with one or more hands, while others have different rules. Watch out for titles such as 10s or Better, Jacks or Better, Aces & Faces, and All-American Poker.

Table games

The table games section will almost certainly appear at most online casinos. Depending on the available games, you might find blackjack and roulette included in this area. Conversely, those games might get their own sections, with all other table games included in this section instead.

Typical examples include Red Dog, craps, and baccarat, although these might vary depending on the casino you choose to use.

Specialty games

You never can tell what you will find in this collection. It can be a place where all games that don't qualify to fit in other sections can be found. That is good news though, because if you want to find a certain game that doesn't have a section of its own, it is likely to pop up in this area.

We have spotted bingo games added to this section, along with keno, for example. You might also find scratch cards in this area, although if there are lots of scratch cards, they typically get their own section in the menu. It is worth looking to see what you can find here though.

Online casino games vary widely depending on the casino. Some decide only to focus on slots and offer no other games at all. That is rare but it does happen. So, when looking for a casino to sign up for, it is a good idea to review the available games. You can then consider whether you have spotted the ideal casino with all the games you could ever want to play.

Why is it Important to Find US Online Casinos You Can Trust?

There are so many online casinos that do not accept members from America that it can be easy to hurriedly sign up to the first one you find that does welcome US members. However, that could turn out to be a bad move. One thing you will soon learn when you read about US casinos is that not all of them are trustworthy. Not all have a good track record. We cannot apply this to all of them, of course, nor should we. There are good US online casinos out there and finding ones you can trust is very important.

But why is this? We thought we'd find out.

A trustworthy site is one that pays out when it says it will

You often hear stories about people who enjoy playing at an online casino… only to find they can never get hold of their winnings when a game pays out. Some casinos offer all kinds of excuses for the delay in paying out. Some eventually do pay out while others never do.

It is imperative that you check the track record of all US online casinos before you decide which one you would like to join. This will avoid having to go through a similar experience. The last thing you want if you manage to scoop a prize on a game is to find you cannot withdraw it.

Is the casino registered with the proper authorities?

The relevant authorities will depend on where the casino is registered and located. Be aware that displaying the right logos and information on the casino website is not proof of proper registration. Always follow up on this and make sure all the relevant licenses and information are correct and valid.

If you can trust a casino, you know you can relax and have a good time there

You can't enjoy playing games at any online casino if you aren't sure whether you can trust it or not. Even if it offers some of the best and biggest games around today, how can you tell whether you could get any cash from them if you do manage to score some prizes?

Playing at US online casinos provides you with plenty of entertainment. However, it should also provide you with peace of mind that you have chosen a trustworthy casino. The longer it has been around, the more likely it is you can indeed trust it. However, don't just go on the length of time it has been around for. Do your research and make sure other players have had good experiences with it already.

Why Do People Love Playing Online Slots for Real Money?

Isn't that the biggest question of all? There is more than one answer that works with this, too. We're intrigued by the reasons people have for playing slots for real money. That's why we thought we would delve into some of them here.

They're entertaining to play

Whatever you want to get out of a slot game, you will find plenty of options online. Every casino has a good selection of slots to play, some from different providers too. This extends the range of games still further.

Enjoying numerous themes is always pleasurable, especially when switching from one to another. Entertainment comes in various forms here too, from three reel to five and sometimes six. Different slots feature different combinations of elements, which make each game individual and a stand-out prospect.

You can play from just a few cents at a time

Don't assume you need a huge budget to start playing these games. Some require larger bets, sure, but that doesn't apply to all of them. Very often, you'll find numerous games that allow you to play with a cent on each payline. If you stick to one-line games, that means plenty can be played at just one cent per spin. Even a dollar would go a long way in that case!

They cover all the themes you could possibly think of

No doubt you can name some of the more popular themes used in these games. Ancient Egypt, Asian themes, outer space, aliens, animals… all these and many more are seen in slot games every day.

You will also find lots of other themes that you may not be as familiar with. Slot developers are always trying to create new themes and ideas to treat their players to. It's also possible to find mixed themes where two things are thrown together in the same game.

You don't need any experience to play them

Each game will give you a paytable listing all the prizes that could be won. You can read this paytable to find out how the game is played.

While many slots are ideal to play for real, you can always try the demo before you progress that far. This gives you a greater understanding of each game, which means you'll be ready to play even without any experience of doing so before.

They're cheaper to play for prize-winning chances than some other games

You could spend a few dollars on a single lotto ticket or other betting game. Placing a wager on a race or sporting event can be costly too.

However, the cheaper slots can be played at pennies a go. This means you can always find something to provide some thrills and excitement without busting your budget wide open.

Online slots are more relaxing than being in a real casino

If you visit a real casino, you'll probably want to look smart. You also need to find one near you, so you don't need to travel too far. Imagine then, how relaxing it is to play these games at home.

Online casinos are far more appealing than a regular bricks and mortar type. They give you easy access to your top games and the chance to secure some real prizes if you are fortunate enough to make this happen.

Whichever slots you want to play, make sure you enjoy the entire experience. This is easy to do at your preferred online casino offering great real slot games in the comfort of your own home.

Try the best US online casinos around today

USA CasinosWe have done our research already, delivering a list of reliable US casinos that welcome members from America to sign up. If you stick with this information, you know you are choosing casinos that have already proven themselves to be trustworthy to use.