Free Wager Gaming Slots

Wager Gaming Technology slots always delight the crowd. Originally, the games were part of English Harbour Gaming Ventures, but they merged into Vegas Technology. Soon, Wager Gaming took over and increased the offerings for free Wager Gaming slots. Since then, the company's library of video slots continues to please casino players. Games range from the classic three-reel games to invigorating five-reel bonus slots with huge payouts. There are progressive jackpots, high payouts, and interactive games that help you win free spins and extra cash. We've come up with a list of the best free Wager Gaming slots. Search easily by researching the theme, number of paylines, number of coins you can bet per line, and the bonus features.

Free Mobile Slots!

Many of the very best WGS slots may also be enjoyed on your mobile device and no matter whether you use an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet you’ll find that WGS mobile slots play perfectly in the palm of your hand. Enjoying free mobile slots in a fully optimized WGS mobile casino really is simple, with registering a fun money account taking no more than a few seconds, and the convenience of being able to play from anywhere at all is a huge part of the attraction. You’ll find a stack of great slots titles available, in fact WGS concentrate on optimizing their very best slots for mobile play and if at any time you wish to switch to real money mobile slots play then it’s a simple task of a few clicks to be doing so, and of course as a real money player, all WGS bonuses that are available in the regular online casino are also valid for playing mobile.

Smart reasons to join WGS casinos

WGS casinos are always going to guarantee you a good slice of fun. Some of the biggest and best-known casinos around are operated on WGS Technology software. You might also know them as Vegas Technology, but you’ll often see the WGS name shown somewhere on the site to prove the software is from them, since this is the new name for the company.

There are lots of reasons to join one of these casinos. Getting the chance to play their full suite of games is just one of them. You might also be able to claim some bonuses that would help you play more of these slots – maybe even with some free bonus cash. Read on to find out more about this option.

Get ready to try some WGS new slots today

No doubt you’ve got some favorites among the current WGS slots collection. But isn’t it great when you get news of a new game to play, especially when it is from a software developer you already love?

Most software developers work very hard to ensure they always have something new in the pipeline. That’s true of WGS new slots and their development too. Chances are, they’ve got games being developed now that haven’t even been announced yet. Get ready to read the latest press releases revealing what the next titles will be…

How much could WGS bonuses be worth?

WGS bonuses can be found at all casinos offering WGS games and those that run on their software. These bonuses are offered as deposit bonuses, not to mention as ongoing bonuses in some cases. Look out for weekly bonuses, cashback bonuses, and other similar deals. You might also see time-limited bonuses you can claim when you get the chance to try a new slot game. Sometimes, these bonuses can be seasonal and therefore only last for a set time. You never know what they could be worth, but the more you claim, the better the position you’ll be in to use them to win!

Could you be a big winner in WGS tournaments?

Only if you take part! Don’t miss out on these WGS tournaments when they become available, as they typically have some great prizes on offer for the winner (or winners). Most prizes are awarded in cash, deposited directly into your casino account. Some tourneys will only have one prize, either a set amount agreed in advance or whatever the value of the pot is once everyone has entered. Others offer additional prizes for those who don’t come in first place.
Depending on how big the tournament is, you could find yourself in a winning position even if you are outside the top ten! That is just another reason to look for all the WGS tournaments you can find to enter.

Understanding more about WGS slot machine software

Software is behind every good slot game. WGS has developed some powerful games over the years, all powered by their software. Since many casinos operate using the WGS software, you can count on finding their best collection of games to play there. There isn’t much need to know anything else about the software though – it all works smoothly behind the scenes to ensure you get the performance you are looking for.

Which are the best WGS slots around?

This is a matter of opinion, with some players preferring specific games over other ones. One thing you will notice is that many people have their own preferences. The collection does offer a huge array of themes, so you can see whether there are one or two there that suit you. With classic games standing beside modern and slick ones, you can count on finding some of the best WGS slots for your needs within that collection.

Choosing the best WGS slots for USA players

Do you live in the US? If so, you will be pleased to know there are numerous casinos offering games from WGS that you can play whenever you like. WGS-powered casinos will likely have all of them, from the oldest titles to the new releases. However, you can find WGS slots at other casinos too. If you can join as a USA player, you’re good to go.

WGS slots for UK players also give you a slice of the action

If you live in the UK, you can check out the chance to sign up to a UK-friendly casino offering lots of Wager Gaming slots to play. Since the collection is a big one, it makes sense to see which ones you like most. If you find a casino you like that offers a good array of options, you can sign up, grab a welcome deal, and pick the first game to try.

Playing WGS pokies Australia

Slot games are known as pokies throughout Australia. Fortunately, Wager Gaming has made it possible to play WGS pokies at some of their best Aussie casinos. As an Australian player, you may have found you are prevented from joining some casinos because of the country you live in. Fortunately, you don’t need to miss out on pokies if you choose a WGS casino that is open to players from your country.

The advantages of trying a WGS games demo

Is it possible to figure out what a game will offer unless you play it? That is a question asked by many players nowadays. You can read reviews of the game and get a feel for it, sure… but unless you play it you will never know whether it is a good one for you to enjoy.

The good news is that most of the WGS collection of slots is available to play for entertainment only. These are the demo versions of the normal games. If you choose one, you will see you are given play money to use to make your bets. The game still works as it usually would, but you will end up getting a proper feel of what it is like without risking your own money.

Typical WGS games RTP figures

It is important to note these will vary between different games. The ideal percentage is as close to 100% as you can get. For example, a 98% RTP is better than an 88% RTP. We would always recommend you go for as high a figure as you can, although you would be hard pushed to get much beyond 97%. The remainder of the figure to add up to 100% goes to the creator of the game or the casino.

It is wise to remember the figure given as the RTP is not the likely amount you will receive back when betting on the game. You could lose more or less than this. The figure relates to the amount paid out to players for the duration of the game’s lifespan.

Playing the best WGS slots for PC

The main perk of playing WGS slots on a computer is the size of the screen you will play on. You will control the game with your mouse and occasionally with keys on your keyboard. The game will provide instructions on how to play, so you need only follow those to get ahead.

Many people still prefer to play like this. The only way to tell if you prefer it is to log into your casino account and try some WGS slots today.

Life can be easier with a WGS slots app

If you play on your tablet or mobile device, you can always access an app to find the best WGS slots to play. Not all casinos provide you with the chance to download an app, but those that do are giving you yet another way to access your favorite games.

Are WGS slots for iPad/Android/iPhone easy to play?

Yes, although it can take a short while to get used to playing on a touch screen device if you are not used to it. We would recommend you try demo games first if you are new to playing on these devices. It means you can become familiar with how to select your bet amount and play the games without risking losing any cash by tapping the wrong area of the screen. Don’t worry, though – you will soon be able to play to your heart’s content on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Don’t forget the many WGS slots tournaments available to try

While WGS slots are fun to play on their own, you can also take part in tournaments based on these games. This means you get the chance to win additional prizes alongside the ones already on offer in the game.

The tournaments may last for just 24 hours or perhaps longer – maybe up to a month. If you are keen on trying your luck in these events, watch out for freeplay tournaments that allow free entry. You can then decide if you like them enough to enter paid tournaments as well. Either way, you get additional prize chances while playing the games you enjoy anyway.