Online Casino Slots

In the past, gambling consisted of heading for a night out to a brick and mortar casino. While that can be fun on an occasion, technology has brought forth a new way to gamble, one where you can relax, enjoy the game, and do this all in the privacy of your own home. This is serious technology here where software providers and online casinos have really been able to recreate the casino experience. All of the same slot games that are offered at the brick and mortar casino are available with online slots and this is also true of the jackpots, the selections, the bonus rounds, the whole nine yards. Let's face it, there are countless advantages to playing slots in an online environment as opposed to a brick and mortar casino. Basically, the only thing that the online environment does not offer is the "people watching" experience.

Single line slots

Single line slots have been around for more than a century, first invented by Charles Fey was the Liberty Bell. While that was the very beginning of single line slots they sure have came a long way since. The availability of online single line slots is extremely popular. The reason for this is that generally, you can place smaller wagers for bigger payouts. They are very easy to play as most will have five reels but they all have one pay line which is where the name comes from. When you play this type of slot online there are some true advantages, namely you do not have to wait in line for a machine since it will always be available. Online single line slots look exactly as they do in a true casino. It is also just as easy to deposit and cash out in an online casino, heck, maybe even easier.

Multi line slots

Multi line slots are also designed to be comparable to the top casinos in Las Vegas. These slots have multiple paylines or at least one pay line. They are different in the sense that the number of reels, the winning combinations, and the symbols and themes, but that is all. Playing online offers the capability of downloading the casino or playing directly from your computer browser.

Bonus slots

Bonus Slots are a bit different and can be more exciting. Usually there is a little something extra, hence the bonus, to captivate the player. This is still true with online casinos too. The idea is to offer you a little extra something to give you more winning chances so it is common to see substitutes, scatters, bonus feature symbols, and free spins.

Feature slots

Feature slots online usually make up the best of the best slots on offer. These games will usually have two bonus games instead of one or triple bonuses. Online some of these slots include Bars & Stripes, Age of Discovery Slot, Cabin Fever, and Beach Babes.

Progressive slots

Progressive slot machines offer jackpots that are bigger than most. In some cases these jackpots are large enough to be life changing. These very same types of jackpots are available online. Progressive machines are a group of many slot machines linked together by a network.

Where to play

There are different online casinos where you can play these games. Each bring something unique and special to the table but it is up to you to decide which online casino is best for you.