Everyone knows Bitcoin has become more popular of late, and is now accepted at many online casinos. Yet it is far from being the only online currency available and in use at these venues. Here, we’ll discover more about Ethereum, a platform with some similarities to Bitcoin that launched only recently in 2014.

It uses blockchain technology the same way Bitcoin does, too. Blockchain refers to digital information that can be shared among people, but cannot be copied to create more. Therefore, it has a value it would not have if it was copied. The good news is you don’t need to be a tech geek to use and benefit from it. Where tp Play and use Ethereum:

Is the online currency called Ethereum?

No – but it’s close. The currency is known as Ether, but the Ethereum network also allows for others to develop their own currencies. This technically means an online casino (or group of casinos) could develop their own unique currency for players to use.

However, Ether itself is now being offered alongside Bitcoin as another method by which players can deposit and withdraw from online casinos. You may not have seen it offered too often as yet, but you can expect that to change as more people discover it.

Is it easy to start using Ether, too. As with all other virtual currencies, you must download a wallet to use it with first. There are many of these available, and they will accept several virtual currencies – Ether included. We’d recommend you go for something that is already well-established. Multibit is a possibility, as is Mycelium if you want to use it on your mobile device. There are others available, too.

Which online casinos are currently accepting the Ethereum currency?

Dunder Casino, SpinIt Casino, and Casumo Casino are among those that already accept the currency. However, as we said previously, you can expect more names to be added to that list in time.

Our tip would be to check the banking page or terms and conditions for a specific site to see whether Ether is included.

Why use Ethereum?

The security and privacy offered by this method is the same as that presented by other virtual currencies. When people are using online casinos, security, reliability, and an anonymous way to interact with them can all be important. Ethereum ticks all these boxes and many more, too.