Free Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds

Some people only ever play slots with real money to bet on the lines or ways to win. Not everyone sees the benefits of playing free slots with bonus features. However, we do. We think there are some great reasons to play them – not least to help you see if a game is ideal for you before you bet on it.

Let’s see what else you can expect if you decide to give these games a try.

The bonus features give you something different to enjoy

The main slot game will always feature spins of the reels to determine whether you can get a winning line or two. Bonus features give you the chance to play a different game within the main one. You can play bonuses that occur on the reels of the game in some instances. Some might permit you to choose one of the icons that triggered the bonus. This will reveal a prize of some kind.

Second screen bonuses are the most entertaining of all

Have you tried games with these bonuses before? If not, you are in for a great time discovering more about them. The bonuses received this name because they are based on scenarios that take place on a different screen to the main game. This might be a field, a school, a graveyard, a shopping mall… you have no limit to where you might end up. You’ll receive instructions on what you need to do, then you will find out if your efforts have led to a nice prize.

Do you get lucky or can you win via skill alone?

Very few slot games involve skill when it comes to playing the bonuses. Some do, such as the ones where you need to drive or steer a vehicle or character to a destination. Oftentimes though, it is down to luck. You must pick items or perform other actions randomly in the hope it is enough to win a prize. These are sometimes easier because everything is predetermined, so you can just enjoy it. If you play a skill-based bonus, you know you’ve got a chance to mess it up… or hit the jackpot!

If you have tried a few free slots with bonus rounds, you might decide to go one step further and enjoy some paid slots with those same bonuses included. If so, which one will you choose to play first?