Litecoin is a virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, that is in many ways similar to Bitcoin and it's now a banking option that can be found in many good US online casinos, sportsbooks and online poker rooms. There are differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin in that Litecoin transactions tend to be processed a little faster, with updates taking place every 2.5 minutes and there will be a total of 84 million Litecoin as opposed to 21 million Bitcoin, however both are decentralized currencies that rely on no banks or third parties, just the network that they operate on, making them ideal solutions for US real money online casino banking. Using a Litecoin casino and transferring your funds from your Litecoin wallet to that casino is simple, fast and extremely secure. Litecoin mobile wallets on your phone or tablet provide easy to use interfaces that allow for such simple payments to be made, however the real difference you'll see is that when it comes to requesting your payouts, your funds are back in your Litecoin wallet so quickly, as transactions take place between you and the casino directly.

Litecoin Casinos

The amount of Litecoin casinos, both flash and mobile, will continue to grow as more and more operators begin accepting the currency, and we are seeing huge growth of cryptocurrency casinos as players get up to speed with new payment methods. Virtual currencies such as Litecoin really are changing the whole US online gambling industry and creating less of a reliance on credit and debit card transactions, and as far as players and operators are concerned, this is a huge plus point. Many US players have experienced difficulty over the years with making deposits using a credit card, and it can be a tad frustrating waiting for your payout to arrive via a check or a bank wire. Litecoin resolves these issues and provides a cheaper, faster and safer way to make casino deposits and withdrawals, benefiting all concerned.

Type of Litecoin Casino Games

The best Litecoin casinos will offer a great selection of slots, table games and also dice and skill games, serving up something for all types of players. Litecoin casino bonuses are provided by each of them, and you'll also see that as well as Litecoin casino banking, other virtual currencies may also be used when depositing and withdrawing.