Casinos Using Cubits

Have you heard of Cubits? This is a service that trades Bitcoins - no doubt you have heard of those. Since security is a major issue and requirement whenever you deposit or withdraw money from online casinos, it makes sense to find a mobile payment processor you can trust. Cubits aims to fill that role.

Why use Cubits at your preferred online casino?

Cubits places security above all else. Once you are set up and ready to go, you won't need to enter any payment details in future. It doesn't matter whether you're depositing some cash or withdrawing your winnings after a good run on the slot machines. Rather than inputting your banking or card information each time, Cubits keeps everything secure.

How do you get started with Cubits?

As with any online payment processor, you'll need a wallet. So, you just need to head to the official Cubits website to get one. Once you're signed up and you've got your wallet, you can put some funds in it. Since Cubit uses Bitcoins, this will involve purchasing Bitcoins to pop into your virtual wallet. You can do this via the Cubits platform too - there is no need to go elsewhere to do it. That makes life much easier and more streamlined, don't you think?

Check whether your preferred casino accepts Cubits transactions

This should be your next option, since not all casinos offer this. Many casinos list the payment options at the foot of each page, so look for the Cubits logo. Alternatively, check out the banking page to learn more.

If you know how to use a Bitcoin wallet, chances are you won't find Cubits much different. More casinos have added Cubits lately, so be alert for others to follow suit.

Of course, you should be aware Bitcoin fluctuates in price before buying any of this virtual currency. Furthermore, US users cannot currently trade Bitcoins using Cubits. This could change, but it is worth being aware of.