Old Havana Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Old Havana Casino does give you a sense of joy when you arrive. There is something about the celebratory nature of the site – and its colorful presentation – that really captures your attention. Once you’re there, though, what else might you find along your journey through the games and features?

Old Havana Casino brings you a chance to pick up a few bonuses, so let’s see where those might lead us.

Suggested slots to check out at Old Havana Casino

There are plenty waiting for you in the games area, so let’s see whether you recognize any of these…

The Elf Wars have begun

Elves mean Christmas in this instance, and we soon realize elves aren’t always the happy and helpful people you might think they are. This 50-line game offers Santa and Rudolph as wild symbols – yes, there are two. These are matched with a couple of elves as scatters too – good and bad ones…

Time to be impressed with some Panda Magic

Pandas don’t always go into magic, but the one in this slot game does. It comes with magic tickets that lead to free spins, and a chance to find the logo wilds. All possible combos come to life on the 5 x 4 reel set too, giving you 1,024 ways to find a few prizes as you play this magical slot game.

Asgard Deluxe does have a deluxe feel

If you recognize the Asgard title, you might already have played the original Asgard slot from RTG. They have now revealed a sequel – a deluxe and separate version to play. Does it feel more dynamic than the original? Yes, it does, and it still packs in tons of features and drama just as the first one did. It looks way better, though.

How difficult is it to find a secret no deposit bonus coupon?

It is tricky because we had a tough time spotting it. If you go to the promo page, there is no suggestion of anything along these lines. You won’t see anything on the landing page either. However, when you get further down that promo page, you can read about a free trial.

It seems the best way to get hold of this trial – and to find a no deposit bonus to help you with that – is to explore the internet to search for one. While that sounds difficult, you have already done most of the tough work by finding your way to our site. If you return to this page whenever you get the opportunity – and certainly before signing up to the Old Havana Casino – you can find a deal if there is one available.

Is there a bonus coupon offering free money on your first deposit?

Yes, you can secure a bonus worth 250% on your first deposit amount at the casino. Make sure you check through their terms and conditions for the offer first, though, as these tell you how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

What are the odds of finding a free chip or two?

Quite good, as it turns out. Again, there are clues to their existence on the promotions page. Once you have joined the casino, be sure and check there whenever you can. You can also look for emails from the casino, in case any of those might have information on potential deals for you.

How else can you find bonus coupons for Old Havana Casino?

Other than searching at the official casino website, you can look on the page you’re reading now. We regularly source various codes for players to use, for Old Havana Casino and many others too. Stick with us and you’ll never miss a thing.

Understand how to use free play codes too

It’s never certain that you’ll find these codes at Old Havana Casino, but then we have seen you cannot tell which codes are going to appear or when they might crop up. However, a free play code usually gives you some spins or funds to use on one or more casino games. If you read the rules before using them, you can be certain of learning how everything works.

Bitcoin bonus codes supply another opportunity

Yes, the casino does allow deposits made via Bitcoin, so you can also search for coupons offering a little something extra if you do use this method.

Choosing another deposit method for the casino

Bitcoin isn’t the only method you can use, although the casino doesn’t have that many others. Visa and MasterCard are both fine though.