Top 3 Spring Themed Slots

When the bees start buzzing and the birds start chirping and the hearts start beating faster, then it is safe to say that spring is in the air again. At such a delightful moment, it is a good idea to have a look at the best slots that revolve around this joyful and refreshing season. Luckily, online casinos are packed with entertaining spring themed games. Bugs, Easter eggs, birds and colorful flowers, combined with happy and fresh designs, will even make the most die hard winter slot fan enthusiastic about these slots.

Players have plenty of choices when they get the seasonal vibe. But with such a huge collection of spring themed games, it can definitely be a real challenge to find the best titles that are available in online gambling platforms. However, with all that regained energy after the slow and dark winter period, it is a great time to start searching for those titles that really blossom and make the heart of every player beat faster.

The Many Delightful Aspects Of Spring

Spring is a season that makes people feel happy and energetic. And the are a lot of players on the natural stage, that help to stimulate those positive feelings. That is why many spring themed slots are divided in sub-genres that revolve around a specific aspect of spring. Some of these sub-themes include bugs, fruits, flowers, birds and Easter. Various slot game developers, like Net Entertainment, Microgaming, iSoftBet and Playtech, have enjoyable games that are build around these lively topics.

3. Beetle Frenzy Slot

Spring often makes a person feel cheerful and this beetle themed game definitely contributes to that early season cheerfulness. Developer Net Entertainment treats spring slot enthusiasts to beautiful animations of buzzing beetles and blossoming flowers. Appels are the sweet and juicy scatter symbols and a black bug functions as the wild symbol on this 9 reel slot with 5 available paylines. This game offer five different bet values. Players choose between coins with a value of 0,10, 0,20, 0,50, 1,00 or 5,00. The available bonus games are Bug Collector, Lucky Spin and Flower Frenzy. Flower Frenzy launches when three similar colored flowers appear on a payline. The Bug Collector bonus round starts when three glass jar icons show up on a payline. The Lucky Spin bonus feature starts when gamblers spin four identical symbols on four middle-sides or four corners of the nine slot machine reels. Players are able to enjoy Beetle Frenzy and it's profitable bonus games on various online casinos. These casinos often have free practice versions, so that players get to learn all the rules and perks of this cheerful title.

2. Happy Birds Slot

Singing birds in the trees, are another delightful sign that the cold winter weather is leaving and spring is lurking around the corner. That is why games about birds deserve a spot in this seasonal themed list. And this time, the favorite birth themed pick has nothing to do with angry birds. This slot actually revolves around those happy little birds that can make a person feel optimistic and in the mood for spring, with their melodic chirps and energetic activities in the garden that slowly starts to fill with color. At the Happy Birds 5 reel game from developer iSoftBet, players have a total of 243 winning opportunities during every slot machine spin. The toucan, the parrot and the canary are some of the exotic birds that pay them a visit during their spinning sessions. The wild icon is a beautiful flying bird with colorful wings and the free spins trigger scatter attribute is a magic hoop. The bonus round is always activated by a special bird symbol. Three of these bird symbols need to appear on the slot reels, before the lucrative bonus round starts.

1. Easter Bunny Slot

Nothing beats a nice early morning egg hunt in the spring garden. Easter always activates happy feelings among children and it also brings out the best moods in adults. Easter is all about colorful eggs, chickens and hopping bunnies. And this spring season, players can also have the Easter Bunny hopping around on their slot reels as well. Easter Bunny video slot from Cozy Games is a title with 5 reels and plenty of paylines. It features typical Easter symbols like chocolate rabbits, decorated Easter eggs and of course the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny icon is the scatter attribute in this game. At least three Easter Bunny symbols need to show up on the reels, to trigger the free spins feature. These spins are very lucrative, because they are combined with 3x multipliers. The wild symbol comes in the form of a cute little baby chick. This chick doubles all the prizes that the player wins, and five wild chick symbols on a payline are good for a staggering win of 10.000 times the payline bet. Now that is certainly a slot game prize that will make everyone hop around from pure joy.

Spring Themed Slots Bring Out The Best In People

These three top picks are just a few samples of the abundant amount of spring themed slots that are available on online gambling platforms. And brand new titles pop up every year, just like the spring flowers in the garden. Many slot enthusiasts love to play these games, because they activate happy feelings with there colorful designs and funny sounds. Besides that, they also provide outstanding win opportunities.

With a beautiful and refreshing season like spring, one might suggest that it should not be spend inside behind a screen. However, modern technology is now able to give players the best of two worlds. Various spring themed slots are now also available on mobile devices. Winning large prizes with games like Happy Birds and Easter Bunny, while at the same time laying stretched out in the garden, listening to the buzzing of insects and the singing of the birds, might just be the perfect example of a very lovely spring day.