Astro Cat

This game looks very different at first glance. It has the Reelfecta logo underneath the reels, with four main reels giving a large 4 x 4 grid in the middle, and two smaller reels standing three symbols high on either side. This means you get a huge 1,296 ways to win on every spin you make. In fact, the big central section is just one reel, but it gives you a chance to win on each spin.

The jackpot could be better but it still racks up a mighty 500x your bet if you manage to unlock it. The RTP is a respectable 95.44% too, which looks good and is a lot better than some other games.

The Reelfecta part of the game is confusing at first, but luckily you can play Astro Cat in freeplay mode if you want to. We'd recommend it, because after you have played it a few times it becomes easier to see how the game works.