Funky Monkey Jackpot Slots

It is no huge surprise to see a chimp in the image for this game, except that he is wearing glasses and looks to have some eye-catching dress sense! Playtech has developed the Funky Monkey Jackpot slot game in the guise of a traditional slot. This only has one payline over three reels, but it is still a pleasing game to look at.

You'll see some bar symbols in this game, as in lots of other similar titles, although here they are written as 1BAR, 2BAR, and 3BAR. You need only get three mixed ones to win the lowest prize on the slot, which is 10x your bet. You will soon see there is a jackpot sign here, and this is your key to winning just that. You will need three to scoop the progressive jackpot on a spin. The current amount is shown in the panel underneath the paytable.

You may notice the prizes for Funky Monkey Jackpot are more generous at the lower end of the table than many other games offer. That is nice to know, but of course everyone will be vying to win the big pot. Will you be the next lucky person to make that happen?