Spot the Halloween Emojis!

Emojis are everywhere - or at least it seems that way. Even though Halloween has come and gone for another year, you can check out this Halloween-themed game from Mobilots to see if it thrills you.

It has a cool theme and layout and looks very different to most slot games. In fact, the idea is to get four or more matching characters or symbols to win a prize. The more you match, the more you win. It's that simple!

They've made the wild easy to spot as it is literally that one word. Frankenstein appears as an indication of how close you are to the jackpot, so watch out for the amount to hit $50. Finally, there is a bonus feature that gradually accumulates. You must hit 100% to trigger it, at which point this will happen automatically. With vanishing symbols that trigger others to appear on a winning streak, there are lots of reasons to like this game.