Hot Drop Jackpots

Every now and again, a new feature emerges that causes a stir in the online casino market. There have been a handful of them in recent years, ranging from crypto gambling to progressive prizes. Nevertheless, one of the most significant developments in gaming history has arrived at Bovada Casino: Hot Drop Jackpots.

Hot Drop Prizes is a brand-new online casino game that features three must-win jackpots. These new online casino games provide a never-before-seen blend of thrills and excitement. They're more expansive, better, and more exciting than any other online casino game, so you do not and can not miss out! Basically, in addition to winning real money like you would with a typical online slot game, you may also win one of the massive jackpots.

Types of Jackpots

There are three distinct jackpots available when playing Hot Drop Jackpots at Bovada: Hourly Jackpot, Daily Jackpot, and Super Jackpot. Each of these jackpots must be won in certain time or money frames, so make sure to read all terms and conditions, to make sure. Let's have a look at the several Hot Drop Jackpots that may be won:

  • Hourly Prize: This is a jackpot that depends on the passage of time. The hourly jackpot must be won before the hour comes to a conclusion. This prize is expected to be worth $1,000 on average.
  • The Daily Jackpot offers a time-based jackpot as well. The daily jackpot, on the other hand, must fall before the conclusion of the day (24 hours). On average, this prize will pay out $25,000 each day.
  • The Super Jackpot is a fixed-amount jackpot. The mega jackpot will rise in value while the game is played, but it will have to fall before reaching its maximum limit of $250,000!

Games to Play Hot Drop Jackpots

At Bovada Casino, there are only three available Hot Drop Jackpot games at the moment, but more will be available soon. So wait no longer and spin try out one of the following three games to have the chance to win amazing cash prizes:

  • Hot Drop Jackpots on Golden Buffalo
  • Hot Drop Jackpots in 777 Deluxe
  • Hot Drop Jackpots on a Night With Cleo

To enjoy one of these amazing games you will have to register an account at Bovada Casino, which is a quick and simple process. New players will also get the benefit of being treated to a superb welcome bonus of up to $3,000! Then you can simply start enjoying these Hot Drop Jackpot games, as well as hundreds of others great casino games at Bovada. Bovada casino is also known for offering several promotions and incentives on a regular basis, so besides these great jackpots, you can also expect free spins, no deposit bonuses, prizes, tournaments and more!