Lucky 3

You never know how accurate a title is going to be when you read slot game titles. Lots of them mention luck in some sense, and this is just one of them. Lucky 3 comes to us from iSoftBet, and the loading screen gives some information that looks appealing. For example, it mentions a jackpot of 500 coins, and while that isn’t huge, it’s worth playing for.

The game looks different to anything else you might have seen, as it works on a 5 x 5 grid. It’s colorful, too, giving you various fruits on the reels, each one with its own color background. There is a small square showing you the payouts available as you play, which means you could win several prizes in a spin if you get lucky.

The game also includes multipliers from x1 to x5. These are attached to the lines from the top down to the bottom, so getting a prize on the lowest line across is the best one to get, as it will have the x5 multiplier applied to it. The game has way more to offer than you may think at first glance, so give Lucky 3 a try now.