Quarter Million Fruit

Quarter Million Fruit – now, there is a different name for a slot, right? Except this one is not a slot game. It is a game unlike anything we have seen before, but don’t let that deter you from having a go. It has a quarter-million jackpot for starters, and that reason alone should inspire you to give it a shot.

Specialty Games has created this one, and a neat section on the game screen reveals some of the most recent winners. There are other prizes apart from the big one, of course, but it is still good to check out the other lucky players. You need to find combinations of the fruit and other icons included in the paytable to win prizes, so that part is easy.

Aside from that, you need to find the gold coins to either access the bonus in Quarter Million Fruit, or to get jackpot access. The best way to approach this game is to play it in the demonstration mode first. This way, you see how it works and what you must do to win. As you play a few rounds, you’ll see how everything starts to become easier to understand. Will you win big when you play Quarter Million Fruit?