Shocking Wild

How would you like a shot at winning 100,000 coins? That's the maximum prize on the table when you play Shocking Wild, which comes packed with lots of different-colored gems on the reels. It may look a little basic to start with, but this game from Stake Logic is a lot more complex and thrilling than you might assume.

The game comes with alternating wilds, for example. This means one symbol is chosen as a wild in each spin - and it could be almost anything. So, you have no way of knowing how successful each spin will be until the alternating wild is chosen…

If that wasn't enough for you, you can also enjoy synchronizing reels. In every spin, at least two reels will synchronize, spinning in the same way to reveal identical symbols on each one. When we tell you Shocking Wild could reveal up to five reels in a synchronized fashion, we think you will want to continue playing for a long while!