Supershots Slots

We hope so, because they could do with some great titles to keep up the interest in their slot games. This one is intriguing, because it presents you with a Supershots slot machine like the ones you will see in a regular casino. You will also see two others partially in view, one on either side. This does make the game you are playing appear smaller, which could be an issue.

However, the game presents you with a split-screen slot that shows you three reels in each case. You begin at the bottom of the Supershots game, and go from there. Expect to see lots of flashing lights, hold buttons, and of course, lots of fruit on the reels as well.

We suspect some players will love Supershots, whereas others may get frustrated and decide not to try playing it after all. For our money, Supershots from Leander Games is worth a go, and you never know, it could pay dividends for you.