Zoloto Partii Slots

It's not often you come across an online slot based on a Russian theme, but we have one for you here. With 21 paylines to play on and five reels, you might expect a more modern appearance. However, the game is designed to look like a classic one-armed bandit slot, which does make a nice change.

It's a bright slot and even the title appears in Russian above the reels. You'll see various classic images that might make you think of Russia if you know a little about it already. Some symbols pay out for just two appearing from left to right on the reels, but most require you to find three or more. The top prize is 10,000 coins, so watch out for a chance to line up the right symbols to trigger that!

With no special bonuses or free spins to be had, this game is a basic one from Unicum. However, it might be unusual enough in its theme to tempt you for a spin.