Sky Strikers Slots

Good question, you might think, and the answer soon becomes clear when you spot the image that was created to promote this slot game from Gameplay. The sky is filled with jets, or perhaps futuristic planes, we're not sure, but it looks colorful and dramatic… especially when you notice one plane is diving towards the ground with smoke coming from it.

The game provides a standard format of five reels and 20 lines, and those lines are populated with a good mix of symbols. You will see silver wreaths with the playing cards letters and numbers in them, and other symbols display planes and other flying machines. It certainly looks as though we are at war, and the bomb featured on the wild icon would seem to confirm this.

Unusually, the game screens also show another golden wild that can appear, and it might appear more than once on a reel, too. The standard wild may show up on all reels except for the middle one. There is another important symbol involved as well, and this is an orange rocket, shooting upwards, while being the only symbol the wild won't replace. If this appears on reel three, the Sky Strikers slot reveals you can play the Fighter Jet Shoot Out. More wilds are brought into play in this feature… and we like it a lot.