Jackpot Capital Opens the Picnic Hunter Casino Bonus Event Worth $280,000

How much could you win in the Picnic Hunter casino bonus event this summer, worth an impressive $280,000 in total? Players are competing to be one of 300 each week to scoop bonuses offered by Jackpot Capital. With many of America's famous National Parks included in the Picnic Hunter event, the task is to locate picnic baskets chock full of delights. Each player taking part has a chance to win up to $800 in great bonuses each week.

Each week, there is an amazing $30,000 in bonuses to be shared between the top 300 players taking part in the event. The more often you play, the more chance you have of being in the top 300 to secure a prize. Check the weekly scoreboard to see where you are in the standings, and see which bonus you could be eligible for if you maintain that position. Simply log into the site to check your ranking and bonus for each week that passes. The winners list also updates on Monday each week, so check that out when you can.

But even if you don't get lucky in the Picnic Hunter leaderboard event, don't worry. You still get a chance to scoop a share of $5,000 in bonuses, made available every Friday. This draw is made entirely at random, which means any player - even someone who has only played once that week - could be in with a shot at winning a prize. The Picnic Hunters $280k bonus event runs until October 1st, 2017. Will you be in it to win a slice of those bonuses?