New Bonuses

Everyone needs a makeover occasionally. The same holds true for any online casino. If you loved the old look at Liberty Slots Casino , don’t worry – the same color scheme is still in force there today. However, if you pay a visit to this casino, you will notice a few refreshing changes have been made. Check out the conveniently-placed menu on the left of the site, for example, making it easier to find all the areas you want to visit. It also means you can see more on the right side of the screen, where bonuses and tournaments get a mention among other things.

If you are already familiar with Liberty Slots, you will know they do love their bonuses. They regularly come up with special bonuses too, so it is not a shock to realize there is a no deposit bonus deal to claim in association with their new design. Up to $660 is available for each player, depending how far you go in their Reward Points program. If you reach the Amber level, you can look forward to securing one $20 free chip every single month for 12 months. Make sure you use the code LIBGIV12 to get this.

To attain other levels in the Reward Points program, you must earn more points. Makes sense, right? These points help you gain entry to new levels in the program, perhaps even reaching Diamond level to get the biggest number of free chips totaling $660. Each level has a new coupon code, so check Liberty Slots now to find out which code to use.

One thing you’ll get plenty of at Liberty Slots is video slot games. Fairies Forest Slots is just one of these, delivering a magical experience in a forest setting. Will you delve deep into the forest to see what prizes may lurk there? If so, make sure you do so at Liberty Slots and start gaining those points to put towards your free chips now.