Sweet Stacks New at Big Fish Casino

Big Fish is the world's largest producer and distributor of informal games. People from all over await their new releases and so there are some pretty happy folks right now with the new release of Sweet Stacks, which was released under Big Fish Casino's Luxury Slots banner. Over the summer, the first of this type was released and titled, Phoenix Rising.

The idea behind Sweet Stacks is to cater to all types and styles. While this slot game does have a "Twin Peaks" feel to it, it is also catching the attention of other types too. Sweet Stacks offers a good deal of humor, awesome graphics, a full screen interface, and 25 winning combinations. Sweet Stacks is one of the top ten mobile casino slots on offer. It won't be long and Sweet Stacks will be on iOS, Android mobile devices, PCs and Facebook.

Big Fish is proud to let their current and future players know that they plan to keep getting bigger and continuously upgrade. Big Fish Casino offers slots, craps, blackjack, Texas Hold 'em poker, video poker and roulette.