Top Slots With Bonus Rounds

We all have our preferences when playing slot games. Some people like the classic slots that come filled with fruits of all kinds. Other people like their games to be more complex though – not complicated, just filled with more possibilities.

If you veer towards the second type of game, you will undoubtedly get more enjoyment out of games that include bonus rounds. We explore why the free versions of these games are worth trying.

There is no risk involved

With no real money changing hands, you can play a practice or free slot without making any bets. Instead, you use the funds already held inside the game. This is the perfect way to see how good a game is and whether you might wish to play the real version.

Some games allow you to ‘buy’ the bonus (with demo credits), so you can check it out right at the start. If you want to see how it works, this is the best option. However, if you move over to the real game with proper wagers, we recommend waiting until the bonus is triggered within the game instead of paying for it.

Bonus rounds always offer something different

Trouble is some reviews or information about the bonus round might make it sound more exciting than it is. If you play a real slot game and trigger the bonus, you can see whether it is as good as it appears to be.

If you like it, you know you can switch and try and trigger it with paid wagers instead. There is never a guarantee this will happen, but it is something to think about.

They are more entertaining than standard slots

If you play a slot with no bonuses, no free games, and no other features to look for, every spin is going to feel the same. Even if you’re sticking with demo games, these online slots should have some entertainment and thrills along the way.

Playing some free online slots with bonus rounds gives you the opportunity to find those experiences. Some games have more than one bonus too – we’ve seen some with a half dozen or more bonuses available.

So, you get lots of potential to consider when you’re assessing which games to play. But we think the freebies with bonus features are best of all.