Lucky Slotland Player

What would you do if you managed to win $286,000 playing your favorite slot game? One lucky Slotland player doesn't need to dream about it anymore - he can decide exactly what to do, since he won that exact amount on the Leprechaun Luck slot. We'd say that slot is surely a very lucky one thanks to the amazing sum John W managed to win - $286,206, to be exact!

This slot is well known for its Irish theme, featuring green clover, horseshoes, and plenty of other great good luck items as well. It certainly brought John, a retired Coast Guard, some good fortune when he scooped the jackpot during a lucky few games. He's been enjoying the slots at Slotland for years, so you could say he was overdue a huge win. He has already decided what he'll do with some of his winnings - he's going to buy a boat the whole family can enjoy.

He also had some great advice for other slot players hoping to scoop a nice prize. He recommends you should always play a game you enjoy, and make sure you are entertained every time you spin the reels. If you are lucky and patient you might manage to score some nice wins. Of course, not every player will scoop as much as John did, but there are some nice bonuses available this June for Slotland players, so you never know, it could be your lucky month. Watch out for a 90% cryptocurrency bonus with the code RELOADCRYPTO, a 70% deposit bonus with the code RELOAD70, and even a 50% video poker bonus with the code RELOAD50. As the promo codes suggest, these are all reload bonuses, so make sure you claim them at Slotland this September.

How to start playing at Slotland

Check out the site first. You'll see plenty of appealing elements on the home page alone. The link to register for an account is at the top of the page. Once you have created your account, you can deposit some funds there and choose your first game to play. Don't forget to claim your welcome bonus when you do!

No deposit bonus codes are hard to find

The best way for you to make sure you don't miss them when they do turn up is to regularly hunt them down. In fact, if you like Slotland and you want to find the best deals to use there, start with the Slotland Casino site itself.

They have plenty more promotions when compared to competing casinos. However, we didn't see a no deposit bonus there. Don't worry though - there is another possibility.

Secret no deposit bonus codes could rescue you

Secret codes… hmm, these sound like something you'd find in a spy novel, don't they?

They're not, though - they're merely codes that turn up on other websites. They're not secret, not really, although they're harder for players to find. The trick to turning up websites that include these codes is to look for them as often as you can. Even just five minutes per day can make a huge difference.

Don't sign up for Slotland Casino until you've done this. You could miss a one-time only deal that could give you the best start.

Free money bonus codes and their value

When you find this sort of bonus, check the information that comes with it. It should tell you the value of the code. While you are receiving free funds, you still need to be sure of meeting all the requirements the casino has put in place. These requirements protect the site, otherwise it would go out of business.

That said, you can enjoy playing games with these bonuses. You can also still withdraw winnings once you've met the site's requirements.

Is there a free chip in the promotions area?

There is one way to find out… so go check! The deals at Slotland often change. However, there are assorted offers and opportunities there most days. You'll spot monthly bonuses and special match bonuses. Look for anything that might include a free chip.

How do you get a bonus code for Slotland?

Select one of the available offers and read the information about it. You'll spot bonus codes in capital letters if you need to use them. Slotland does offer codes on the site, so check those out.

Free play codes are more likely to appear elsewhere

Slotland does offer codes like these occasionally. However, we noticed that some codes are more likely to appear on other websites. We collate lots of offers for Slotland Casino and many other similar sites.

Even if you cannot see what you want at Slotland, don't give up. Who knows what you might find here or via Google if you search for it?