Bitcoin is the most talked about currency in the world today, it is the number one virtual currency that is made up of complex block chains and algorithms. The Bitcoin is totally secure and every transaction with the Bitcoin is not only secure and encrypted but it is also instant and totally reliable keeping the personal information of the player totally secure. In order to use Bitcoin the player must first set up a Bitcoin wallet. This does not take long, there are a number of different Bitcoin wallet options that are very easy to set up. Once this has been set up, the player funds the wallet with his real money and it becomes Bitcoins. With Bitcoins in his wallet, the player is able to start placing real money bets and enjoying the wonders of the Bitcoin casino.

Amazing Returns Promised

There is no special welcome offer at this casino but players will soon note the 99.5% return that is promised to players. This is one of the highest returns possible and enables the player to make lots of money if he is lucky enough. Players can also make money by becoming affiliates at the casino. An affiliate sets up his own access to the casino and anyone who places bets through the affiliate site contributes to the profits of the affiliate. The affiliate can earn up to 25% of the house edge on bets from referrals.

Test Credits and Real Money Gaming

Players are given test credits to try out the casino games and when they are ready it is simple and easy to send the Bitcoins to the casino, an address for sending the Bitcoins is given. Games offered include slots, craps, video poker, blackjack, roulette, keno and dice. Each game details how many players have played the game and what the jackpot of each game is. When the game is started a random number is sent to the casino and this activates the random number generator of the game to ensure total fairness for each game. These games are so easy to play and so much fun, giving the player non stop secure gaming online in real time.

Full Time Support

If the player does have a question or a comment to make, he can contact the support team who are available around the clock for the player. The support team can be contacted by sending an email to the address given in the contact page. The support team will answer the query within 24 hours. Security, instant live gaming with plenty of games to choose from characterizes this charming, basic yet very enjoyable online casino that offers the most secure betting option today.

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