Crypto Slots Casino

You cannot miss the slick look of the Crypto Slots Casino website. You’ll see just some of the great games waiting for you when you join, but before you do that, this casino is eager to share some of the reasons to join.

Provably fair games played with cryptocurrencies

Whenever you deposit cryptocurrency into your account at this casino, you will get the chance to verify the bets you have placed. And since you can sign up in under 30 seconds, it won’t take long to start exploring the site in more detail.

Three deposit bonuses for new players

It is great to see you can get a welcome bonus when you sign up. Better still, the Crypto Slots Casino can reward you with a 111% welcome bonus on the first deposit. But even that is not the end of it. You can secure a 77% bonus on your second deposit and a further 99% bonus on the third deposit made. How does that sound for a great start to your time at this casino?

Top picks or a jackpot slot?

Top picks are placed in this selection at Crypto Slots Casino because they are proven to be popular with lots of players. So, check out the likes of Neon Reels, Wild West, Phantom of the Opera, and Amazonia, among others.

You can also try their famous jackpot slot, otherwise known as Jackpot Trigger. There is a $1 million prize up for grabs in this game. How close could you get to grabbing it for yourself?

Slots, video poker, and high limit games also available to play

You won’t get bored when you visit Crypto Slots to play some entertaining games. The slots section includes a whole selection of great titles including Fruits and Bars, Magic Spells, and Full Bloom. There are high limit games elsewhere too, such as the Full Bloom High Limit version. You’ve also got five variations on video poker to try. Will you make the best of any of these to play if you get the chance?

Bitcoin Cash is recommended alongside other currencies

Choose Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, depending on your requirements. Whatever you do, you can enjoy provably fair gameplay at Crypto Slots Casino today. It is fast catching on as the leading cryptocurrency casino place to be online. Will you be there to secure a slice of the fun as well?

The software is provided by Slotland Entertainment

You may not be familiar with the name, but Slotland Entertainment is behind the Crypto Slots Casino website. This means you can expect to see titles to play that you haven’t seen before – unless you are already familiar with Slotland titles, of course. We suspect many players will be new to it, so there is quite the experience ahead of you here.

Head into the games lobby to learn more

You can see many of the available games simply by selecting games from the top of the site. You can then view the top picks the casino suggests you check out, or go for some slots, video poker, keno, high limit games, and jackpot games.

How simple is it to join the casino?

It’s easy. You might see the invitation to join now if you watch the changing images near the top of the home page. However, whichever page you are on, you should see the signup button tucked away in the top right portion of the site as well.

Who might be caught by signup restrictions?

The site states you must be of legal age wherever you are based to use the casino. The minimum acceptable age is 18. However, there are limitations on who can use the casino. Those in the USA are not allowed to, and we suggest you check the laws wherever you reside to see if you can legally play at Crypto Slots Casino.

Can you try games before wagering on them?

Yes, but membership of the site is required to enable this feature.

Check the bet limits in each of the available games

Since each game can be played for real whenever you are ready, it is nice to see you can check the minimum and maximum bet amounts prior to choosing a title. Hovering your cursor over the top of the game you are interested in should reveal some basic facts about it. You can then see if the betting range is suitable for you prior to getting started.

New slot games aren’t labeled

We saw no labeling system for these games, nor did we see any suggestion of an area within the slot game section where new games appeared. If you are using the site a lot, you’ll spot anything new that crops up though, so this isn’t a major problem.

No evidence of any tournaments

We didn’t spot anything like this on the site, so there is no reason to expect tournaments to crop up frequently. They might of course add them at a later stage.

The latest casino winners and the top winners appear on the home page

These fortunate players are highlighted in different sections, so you can see the latest prizes to drop into players’ accounts at the casino. You can also see the latest big wins that have been achieved, along with the title of the game each person played at the time.

Rewards are only for invited VIP players

Crypto Slots Casino doesn’t invite everyone to join their VIP program. It is made clear this is via invitation only, so if you want to get the most out of that area, you’ll need to convince them you are worthy of the title VIP. We suggest making the most of every other area of the site and treating this as an unexpected bonus if you get that invite.

Mobile and app options at Crypto Slots

There is no need to worry about sourcing an app to use the mobile casino. Nothing is required – just visit the casino via your chosen device and that’s all there is to it.

Registration is required if you want to play at the casino

This applies no matter which games you want to check out. If those from acceptable jurisdictions would like to try some games in demo mode or for real, an account is needed.

Do they offer instant play?

Yes, this is the only way to proceed with the games at this casino.

Visit Slotland Affiliates to learn more about their affiliate program

Since the casino is based on Slotland software, it makes sense their affiliate program would be connected to Slotland too. You can visit that site by selecting the link provided and read everything you need to know there.

No sporting services are part of the deal at Crypto Slots

You won’t find anything like this at the casino. The onus is on slots with some other games thrown in as well.

Seek out blog posts and forums elsewhere if you want them

Players are no doubt discussing the benefits of Crypto Slots and Slotland online right now. You won’t find such discussions at the casino itself, but you can look out for the chance to read more about the casino and its offering elsewhere.

No live dealer games available

You’ll notice we haven’t mentioned these, and that’s because none are available.

Hit the support option to receive casino help

The support area is accessed from the top right of the site. You can then look through the various useful areas on the left of the next page. They also have live chat available around the clock, so that gives you even more to appreciate.