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Why do we say experience? Because our website gives you the chance to experience slot games like never before. If you think you need to place bets on each spin to have fun with slot games – or even to play them at all – think again. Slotomania is built around the concept of fun, and boy, can you have a lot of fun here!

You’ve got new slots and a complete A to Z of all the available titles we have for you right now. These are based on all manner of different themes, too, so there is never any danger of coming up empty when you’re looking for something to play. With titles including Slotomatey, Ghost Motel, Arabian Tales, and Queen of the Desert, there is no end to the curious and entertaining characters you will meet at Slotomania.

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There is never any charge to sign up and play games at Slotomania. We don’t offer any bonuses, because you will only ever play for free here. This is slot gaming stripped down to the basics – and we believe the best bits, too. Compete against other Facebook friends, or simply enjoy some of your favorite games right here.

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Our brand new loyalty program couldn’t be better. With seven levels to attain, automatic membership to the first level when you sign in, and lots of gifts and freebies to claim, there has never been a better rewards program around!


Ever heard of our loyalty program? If you’re new here and you’re wondering how you can join, don’t worry – it’s easy! You will automatically become a member of our reward program when you join, earning Status Points, coins, and freebies as you play. We provide no fewer than seven status levels, so you can climb as high as you like!

Everyone begins on the Bronze level, and you’ll get some great benefits at that level alone. It’s then up to you to see how high you can climb. Will you reach the ultimate Black Diamond level, where great rewards can be yours? Only you will know what the rewards could be, since you need to get there to earn them. Are you ready for a challenge in the best online promotion around today?


Banking couldn’t be easier to understand at Slotomania. That’s because this site is all about offering you the chance to enjoy free online slots for fun and entertainment. There’s no need to choose from a list of banking options because you don’t need to deposit or withdraw any cash.

This is slot playing at its finest – only the best games, offered only for fun and for free. That’s the great thing about Slotomania – we’re crazy about great slot games, and crazy for you to get the chance to try them too. Will you manage to join the millions who are loving every moment of playing these games, without being worried about how secure your banking details are, or how to deposit? It’s easy when you join Slotomania!


Need some support while figuring out how to get the most from our Slotomania site? Are you looking for information on how to sign up and play some of the best games we’ve got waiting for you? Check out the ‘how to play’ page for starters, and explore the other useful pages we’ve put on our site. Accessing the games couldn’t be easier, and since you can sign in or play using Facebook, you’ve got some easy access options, too.

If you need more help, click on the support link to explore all the topics in our help section. That’s all you need to get some more information on how to get the most from Slotomania.

Mobile casino

However and wherever you are, and whatever device you have handy, Slotomania is always within easy reach. Look out for the chance to sign into your account on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows phone. Whatever you have, you can sign in via Facebook or by signing into your account with us.

And since you can enjoy playing slot games that are designed to display on any device you might have, you can start playing to pass the time anywhere you like. As long as you can reach our mobile casino site, you’re good to go. What better way could there be to pass the time and enjoy some of your favorite slots than to come right here to Slotomania? We’re always happy to see you.

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Choosing an online casino to play slots at isn’t easy. There are so many available, all with deposit bonuses when you join. But how do you know which ones you can trust, and which ones will take good care of your information? All you really want is to play some games for fun, without worrying about making bets.

If you can recognize yourself in that, you have come to the right place. Slotomania is all about presenting you with the finest online slots available today. You may not have seen many of these slot games available elsewhere. That means you’re in for a unique experience, with no banking hassles, no budgets to worry about, and no real prizes. Except for the perks available in our Playtika Rewards category, of course!

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Free video slots day in, day out, with no downloads required. What could be better? There are plenty of great video slots to play here – you need only sign up or sign in to discover them all.

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There are plenty of slots you can play just for fun today, with the chance to play sequels and to unlock bigger and better games the more you play, too. From Secret Unicorn to Made of Luck, and Nashville Nights to Tales and Fables… we’ve got games, themes, and lots of fun for everyone.

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Instant Play

If you’re frustrated at visiting online casinos, only to find you are constantly asked to download software, don’t worry. You are in good hands at Slotomania. We know you only want to play the best slots around today, and that is why you can start playing for fun and for free from the moment you are logged in. It really is as easy as that!

Instant play slots are available in huge numbers on our website, so you can get in and get started immediately. No worries, no downloads, no suspicious software… just free and easy games that provide you with all the entertainment you could possibly want. If it is great slots you want, available immediately in instant play mode, Slotomania has it covered. If you love playing slots and you want to play just for fun, Slotomania is the best place to be to make it happen. Get the most from our site today – sign up and join us now.