PlayCroco Casino

Did you expect a crocodile to appear as the mascot for PlayCroco Casino ? It’s not a big surprise to see one lounging around on the home page. It’s also used as the logo for the FOR YOU section of the menu.

But what else is there at this casino? Is it all about the croc or do we have lots of games and promotions to look forward to as well? The easy design is nice and laid back, with the potential to draw you in before you even know it. Let’s see what’s in store.

The software provider is easy enough to work out

If you know your casino games, you might realize the slots on offer at PlayCroco come direct from Realtime Gaming. You’ll notice a few of them on the home page, with many more to enjoy once you get beyond the initial collection.

Does PlayCroco have the usual RTG instant play lobby?

Yes, this is accessed from the games area at the bottom of the landing page. Once you are inside, you will see the left-justified menu that provides access to their various game areas. This means you can play a selected game in the main portion of the screen while reserving the menu to view whenever you wish.

Join the casino by using the usual signup button

You can choose the START PLAYING link on the home page or go for the signup button in the top right corner. Either way, it shouldn’t take long to fill in your required info. Make sure you get it all right too, otherwise you could run into issues.

Do you know what the signup restrictions are?

PlayCroco makes it clear that the player is the one who should work this out. Some parts of the world permit online gambling to take place among those who are of a predetermined legal age. You must find out what is relevant in your area, so you’ll know whether PlayCroco is somewhere you can play online casino games. Most places give a minimum age of 18, but it is possible to see 21 years or even 25 years in some cases. If your location allows legal play and you’re old enough to participate, you can use this casino. We should also highlight that they promote themselves as ‘the best AU online casino’, which means they’re happy for Aussies to play.

What kinds of games could you play at PlayCroco?

The casino offers the usual selection, with pokies and slots confirming this is an Aussie-focused site. There are table games and video poker titles too though, along with another area for specialty and unusual titles. Progressives and new games get their own sections too.

Slots are divided into reel quantity

This means you can easily go for your preferred titles in the lobby. There are categories for three-reel and five-reel games, but they even have a few to try in the six-reel area. Bonus round slots and progressive slots provide two further options, and there is a final area for those with floating symbols.

Are players allowed to try some free games?

Yes, PlayCroco Casino is one of the best casinos in this area. It’s never guaranteed that free games are going to be available, so it is nice to see the casino has made it easy to try some here. They play out just as you would expect them too, with a demonstration balance available that remains with the game. While you can’t win anything for real, you can gain a lot of knowledge through playing demo versions.

Watch for the PLAY FOR REAL option to change over to some paid games

This is usually in the top left of the screen, just beyond the actual game screen. If you hit that, you can switch to real paid play. If you’re not a member or not signed in, you’ll need to complete the appropriate steps before you do anything else.

Only a few of the freshest slot games appear in that area

Don’t you hate it when a casino piles a ton of games into the new area – including games that are far from new? If you would like to get just the latest ones at PlayCroco, it’s a breeze to manage it. There were just six there when we checked it out.

Don’t miss the promos section

If you are new to the casino, you can sign up with the PLAYCROCO code to get 200% on top of your initial deposit. Following this, you can claim a $50 free bonus amount to play with, using the PLAYCOOL bonus code. The first bonus must be claimed and completed before you can get this one, but it’s a nice treat to look forward to, right?

There is also a CrocoReload bonus that involves cashback, so even when your initial bonuses have been claimed, you’ve still got some other great deals on offer. Daily free spins are also offered to players, along with a weekly Crocoboost, and some prize draws. Check the promo page before you play, just to make sure you’re not missing out on anything good.

Tournaments haven’t been mentioned though

These are not guaranteed to appear at any casino, so it may not be something you’re looking for anyway. The casino is new though, so you might spot tourneys appearing in future. We’ll let you know if this happens.

The latest casino winners can be found in the casino proper

When you arrive at the lobby for the instant play casino, you can expect to see some winners and updates high up on that page. The prize amount and who won it are shown, along with the game they chose to play at the time.

Four levels available in the rewards program

Loyalty is rewarded at PlayCroco, and you can move from the first level – BabyCroco – to the fourth, which sees you crowned as the RoyalCroco. Each level has its own series of perks, and these get progressively better as you go through from one to the next. It’s a nice touch and one we think you will be delighted to find out more about as a member of the site.

A mobile-friendly design

One thing you can say for sure when you arrive at this casino is that it is mobile friendly. There is no need to download anything, whether you are on your desktop or on a tablet or smartphone. There are no apps either – just head for PlayCroco and enjoy the experience.

You can play all kinds of demo versions of their games without registration

Trying stuff before you buy it isn’t applicable to casino games… or is it? You can indeed try the games at PlayCroco Casino without needing an account. There seems to be no limit to the quantity you can try, so check those out and see if you like them enough to play the real versions as a member of the site.

Instant play casino games every day

Instant play is often viewed as the easiest way to play online games. With nothing to download, you can just pick a game and get on with playing it. There is nothing to delay that experience. That’s the idea at PlayCroco Casino, too.

Any affiliate information to note?

While some casinos do have a link to their affiliate program, that’s not the case with this casino. We didn’t see any evidence of a program like this.

They don’t offer any sporting elements either

You might find a few sports-themed slots to try, but there isn’t a sportsbook or racebook here, so if you want those features, they should be sought on another site.

What can you learn about PlayCroco Casino if you read blog posts and forum entries?

You never can tell what you might learn from these sites if you visit occasionally. There are no such features at PlayCroco, but you might see what other people have experienced when using the casino if you look for their information on blogs and forums. There are several good ones that focus only on casinos and how they work.

You shouldn’t expect to see any live dealer games

PlayCroco has lots of casino games to offer, but none come with a live dealer in control of proceedings.

How to make deposits

The casino accepts credit cards and various online payment and prepaid card options too. You can also expect to see Bitcoin and an e-transfer option.

When making a withdrawal, look for the green tick

The casino has plenty of banking options available to look at on its banking page. It lists deposits and withdrawals there, each of which has space for a green tick to appear next to it. Ideally, you should try and pick an option that has the tick available for depositing and withdrawing, to make life easier for you.

Bitcoin has a low minimum deposit amount

Just $10, would you believe that? You can also use it to withdraw and deposit, so it’s a versatile option. Watch for potential Bitcoin bonuses on the promotions page too. We didn’t find any, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any there in future.

What should you do if you need some assistance?

The terms and conditions are at the bottom of the site, along with the privacy policy. Meanwhile, you'll also find the FAQ area there, filled with the most common queries handled by the team. That page also has a link to their live chat feature, along with a link to their email address. No phone support is available yet.