You’re in the right place to learn everything there is to know about Stake casino. It’s not the best known one online right now, but we are about to change all that. Even if you only just heard about it today, you’re going to build out your knowledge of the site right here, right now.

Software info

One thing you should know before reading the rest of this review is that the games on the site are unique to the site. That means you won’t find anything like them elsewhere. You can just look through the collection and know you’re getting a good mix of games only seen on Stake.

Starting with the lobby

You’re pretty much inside the lobby from the moment you arrive at this casino. The various games appear on the home page. We like the fact they give you info on the house edge underneath each game, too. You also see a basic game image for each one that, while simple, is striking and impressive to look at.

Any signup restrictions to note?

You should read the terms of service before considering using this site. Only those aged 18 and over can use the site, unless a higher age is stipulated in a jurisdiction that can legally use the site. Further down the terms of service, we learn those living in the USA and Australia cannot sign up. Those in the Czech Republic are also barred, although it looks like those in other areas of Europe can join, subject to their own laws.

Games appear on the home page

Yes, you’ll see a selection of the available games to try on the home page when you arrive at Stake Casino. Look out for Dice, Roulette, Limbo, Blackjack, Plinko, and several more.

Slots coming soon to Stake Casino

You’ll notice a message on the home page that reveals the slot games are going to be added very soon to the casino. Nothing had appeared at the time we put together this review, though.

Are there any free games to try?

We couldn’t find any – it looks like you need to be a member before you can do anything, but even then, it looked as though you needed to wager in a virtual currency to get involved.

Check the rules for the paid games before you get started

The site is easy enough to use, but we would still recommend you find out as much as you can about each game before you begin. We think the simplicity of the site is refreshing, but it can lead to the game pages being a little too basic in some ways.

No new slot games yet

We can say games because the site says slots are coming soon, rather than a singular slot. However, we don’t know how long it is likely to be before they appear.

For promotions read player benefits

There is no menu at the top of the site, and the links at the bottom make no mention of any promotions to be claimed. However… look at the player benefits page and you’ll see there are some gifts, rewards, and bonuses to look for.

Any tournaments to look out for?

No, but there is a section underneath the games titled Races. Could that mean something similar, we wonder?

Casino winners and payouts

The home page reveals a scrolling list of games, bettors, and results for you to read. You can see the results under the payout and profit sections of that area.

Rewards are also mentioned on the benefits page

You can read more about various rewards there, along with a personal VIP service. Once again, though, there is little more info unless you are from somewhere that allows you to sign up as a member. Only when you get on the inside do you learn more.

Playing at Stake Casino via your mobile device

This does not require you to download an app suitable for iOS or Android. The site works well on all devices and screen sizes.

You won’t be playing without registration

This doesn’t appear to be possible at this casino.

Instant play all day

It’s all about instant play gaming at this casino, as they don’t provide you with anything else to download as an alternative.

Affiliate details

If you look for the affiliate word at the bottom of the site, you can read more about the program on the next page. The page covers campaigns, analytics, referred users, and funds. You can also begin a campaign name there, but you do need to be approved first.

Nothing along sporting lines is on offer

You might have expected this already, but we can confirm the absence of a sportsbook and casino bookie.

Blog AND forum action appear at this casino

This could be a first. Access both areas via the bottom of the site. You never know what you’ll learn.

No live dealer games to try

The site doesn’t work the same as a regular online casino. It stands alone and that makes it stand out. It also means there are no live dealer games to try.

Deposits in your selected cryptocurrency

The site accepts over 100 virtual currencies, so make your choice and deposit instantly.

Is making a withdrawal just as easy?

Yes, you get all those virtual currencies to choose from, so you can select the one that works best for you.

That means Bitcoin must be among the most popular ones, right?

You bet – and you can see which currencies many players are making wagers in on the home page. Look out for the logo for the chosen currency on the far right side of the page.

Award-winning help when you need it

It’s not often we say a casino has won awards for its help services. That is the case at Stake Casino, though. Look out for their support offered around the clock, all year, too.


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