Godzilla Vs King Kong Slots

Head to head battles don’t feature too often in online slots. However, we’ve got one of the biggest and most dramatic ever battles featuring in this game. If you know your comics and fiction, you’ve no doubt heard of the huge lizard called Godzilla and the famous giant ape called King Kong. What would happen if both were put together in the same game? We are about to find out.

Developer information for the slot game

If you know your slot developers, you might guess the creator of this game when you see what the game looks like. It has that familiar feel you always get when you see a game created by Arrows Edge, as this one has been.

Should you expect to find a demo packed with all the regular features?

Yes, a demo is available, and it does have everything you might see if you tried the real version of the game.

Discovering elements of the theme

Some slots give away the theme from the title alone. That is the case here, as we have two famous monsters (or huge animals, at least) pitted against one another. The question is whether they are both going to be helpful to you if you play. We’re about to learn more about that.

Check out the very Arrows Edge-esque design

Those Arrows Edge people have a way of creating games that all look like theirs. Easily identifiable they may be, but you’ll learn that when something works, it works – and it does here. There are 2D cartoon elements involved, but the mighty monsters look as good as ever.

What are the basic features of this game?

Firstly, you’ll clearly see five reels once the game has loaded. These adopt the familiar 5 x 3 format you’ll have seen elsewhere. One thing you cannot always count on is a progressive jackpot, but there is one here. It may be labeled as a mystery jackpot, but the live total is always displayed.

There is a wild in the game, shown as King Kong, as you might have supposed. Elsewhere, the Godzilla icon is used as the bonus, and cannot be replaced by the wild ape. Neither can the airplane, which zooms over a FREE SPINS message. We guess you can work out what that scatter is for, right?

Paylines in Godzilla vs King Kong

The game has 20 fixed lines in play, with none of them possible to be deselected.

How do fixed paylines affect your wagers?

When the game begins, check the value of the bet. We spotted the default value set at four dollars, which is ten times higher than the minimum of 40 cents. You can use the arrows to reduce the amount or send it as high as $240 per spin.

Paytable details

The game has a comprehensive paytable, giving you a good opportunity to read about the various features in the game before you begin play. Look for the question mark and hit that to reveal the table.

Does the slot have a bonus feature?

It has two, which is good news. Firstly, you might spot three people appearing on the reels as you play. Two are reporters, a male and female. The third is a nurse. The idea behind the Rescue People bonus is to get one of each of the three to appear on the same spin. Nothing happens if no prizes are found in that spin, but if you do get one or more wins, each one is enhanced by a random multiplier. It’s guaranteed to be at least 4x the usual amount, but you might see a 5x or 6x multiplier instead.

The main bonus appears when three Godzilla bonus icons are discovered during the same spin. This unlocks Titan’s Duel, and yes, it does feature Godzilla going into battle against King Kong. You want Godzilla to come out on top too, as this brings you a bigger prize. There are five possible rounds of the battle ahead. The more hits Godzilla successfully lands on the ape, the better the prize will be and the further the lizard will progress.

Did you know the game offers free spins too?

We guess you figured this out because of the obvious FREE SPINS airplane. Three, four, or five of those planes appearing anywhere are going to grant you seven, 10, or 12 games. These contain the usual wilds and regular symbols, but the wilds do have an additional perk.

The Sticky Wilds feature is random and can happen whenever one or more wilds appear in view. King Kong might change into an angry creature behind bars, and if so, that icon stays where it appeared for the remaining free games. Obviously, if you get several sticky wilds in play, this increases your opportunities to secure further prizes.

Is the return to player percentage known?

No, there is no information on this yet.

Giving the slot game a rating

How high can we go? We think a 9/10 rating would be good for this slot. We would have loved to see it in 3D, but the presentation, features, and perks are excellent.

Check the paytable for payouts…

… and remember the mystery jackpot represents what could be the biggest payout of all. We wonder who might scoop it.

Get started with the demo version of Godzilla vs King Kong today

This game is going to deliver some excellent excitement, but we recommend the demo as the best way to see how the features work first.

Arrows Edge casinos should all have this game ready to play for real

Make sure you’ve signed in and made a deposit before you start, and double check the bet amount before you begin spinning those reels, too.

Mobile options for this slot game

The game does offer Android and iOS users the chance to play on their devices too.