Birds! Slots

Betsoft is the developer of this new and whacky online video slot, called Birds! This is a chain reaction game that has 15 animated and 3D birds lined up on three wires. There are five reels and three pay lines. It is expected that Birds! Slots will rank in the top contenders of online slots this year. The game offers an amazing free spins bonus round along with other unique added features.

You will see 15 of these crazy birds across three power lines and for every spin, 15 new birds will fly in. Any combinations of three equal a win. Once you are paid, the winning birds will fly away and be replaced with new birds that will fly in. Yes, the birds do fly in and there are no rolling spins that players are accustomed to. Any combinations of three winning birds will pay. The other birds are hilarious and each has their own little personality. One is a nerd with glasses, another is wearing headphones, and they are all just cute and funny. The yellow bird with the wild hair pays out 500 coins when used in a winning combo.

The wild bird is the one that is a bit plumper than the rest and he is multi colored in purple, green and red. Get three or more of these wild birds and they substitute for all birds seen and unseen. You can win as much as 910 coins per wild bird!

After any winning spin you can choose to double your winnings. All or Nothing allows you to bet half or all of your winnings on Double or Nothing. This takes place in a coin toss where you will determine heads or tails. If you are right you double your earnings, if you’re wrong then you bust! You can continue on with this until you run out of cash or play through all wins. This feature is not available after the free spins round.

On the left side of the screen you will see a Free Flights Meter and each time a winning flight of birds takes off of the wires the meter will fill. When the fill meter reaches four you will win four rounds of free spins. If your meter is filled with five you get 12 free rounds, six equals 20 free rounds, and seven or more awards 14 rounds plus the number of triggering flights. This feature can be retriggered.