Ghouls Gold Slots

Three unsettling reels and three pay lines make up the terrifying Ghoul's Gold slot game. The video slot game includes several jackpots as well as other bonus features! This instant play, no-download video slot game is powered by BetSoft software and can be played in your web browser. This casino slot game is also accessible with tablets like the Apple iPad and iOS/Android mobile devices.

Ghouls Gold Slots is a medium volatility video slot game with a 93% RTP. Players may enjoy spinning the haunted reels for free by playing the demo version or choose to play with real money in order to win up to 3,750x your stake.

Theme and Symbols

As one might anticipate, Ghouls Gold has a spooky backdrop. It has all the elements of a good ghost story-a starless sky with a full moon lying behind a haunted home, trees without leaves creating a silhouette of gloomy shadows-but it's not in the conventional 3-reel style. A Haunted House, Regular Yellow 7s, Green Slimy 7s, a Cauldron full of green slime, and a Red Candle with a flame against a gust of wind are among the reel symbols. Flying Bats silhouetted against a Full Moon and a Haunted House also appear.

Paytable and Gameplay

​​The reels in Ghouls Gold have an original spinning mechanism. Only the bottom row spins during the initial rotation. You now have the choice to choose and hold one or more icons. To load the top reels, you can hold one, two, or all three symbols. The remaining vacant spaces will slot in after you spin once more.

The lowest coin size in this game is two pennies, while the biggest is one dollar. On any of the one to three pay lines, you can wager one to five coins. When you wager $5 over three paylines, the highest possible loss is $15.

Bonus Features

Your ticket to an entertaining extra round is the white ghost. To activate the ghostly bonus round three of them must appear on a live payline. The Ghostbuster is now the player. As the floating spirits move from the bottom of the screen to the top, it is your job to snag them. Each time you click to grab one of them, more money will be sent your way. The ghosts have various colours that stand for various values to provide intrigue. You'll want to click as many colours as you can for the best score.

The Wild icon, which is a heap of coins, can be used in exchange of any other symbol except from the Jackpot. It follows that you have a greater probability of creating winning combinations and receiving larger rewards as a result. You will be searching for a symbol in this game that looks like a bag of coins labelled "Jackpot." You've entered jackpot territory if you get three of those! The bonus round is a nice way to accumulate credits, but beware: the round has a time restriction and the ghosts move quite quickly.

The Verdict

With the game's special playing choices, which are straightforward yet tactically flexible, you may exert control and maximise gains while having fun. The UI of the game is straightforward and uncomplicated, with the coin denominations, bets per line, and balance all being plainly stated. Additionally, the game has captivating visuals. This game is very fascinating because of how easy it is to play and the potential for enormous prizes, making it suitable for all kinds of players.