Go For Gold Slots

What does the term ‘go for gold’ mean to you? If you can imagine runners trying to break the tape first, or athletes trying to come first in their sport, you’re thinking along the right lines.

This WGS game is based around the Olympics, which means you can probably guess what some of the symbols might look like as you play. Let’s see if you are right.

Reels and win lines

While some Olympic-themed games are big, with lots of reels and lines to contend with, this one is the exact opposite. It boasts just three reels and one line.

Coin values

If you are looking for a penny slot you will need to look elsewhere. The smallest coin you can play with is a 10-cent one. There is a chance to wager up to three coins on the line as well, and if you want to bet more, you can go up to $10 per coin.

Go for Gold special icons in use

Watch for the Go for Gold game logo to pop up. If it does, you are looking at the substitute for the game. Not only can it replace other icons as and when they appear, it can also add a multiplier if it contributes to a prize. One wild means you get a 2x multiplier, but if you manage to secure two wilds on the payline with one other winning symbol, the multiplier for the prize is 4x.

Go for Gold bonus features

We bet you thought there wouldn’t be a bonus to report on. Well, we’re happy to confirm you are wrong! It’s worth remembering though that you must bet three coins on the payline to stand a chance of triggering it.

If you are prepared to do that, watch out for the Olympic fire icon to pop up. If it does appear, you will see nine coins. You must pick just one of these. You will then be given a prize for that coin… but if you prefer, you can trade that prize to pick another coin. You can trade in your coin four times at most, but if you reject a coin, you cannot go back and claim it if you end up with a smaller prize.

Download and start playing the enjoyable Go for Gold slot now

If you want a sporting slot with a difference, the Go for Gold slot game could be for you.