Gold Rush Slots

You’re probably familiar with the time of the Gold Rush, when people went in search of gold that would make them rich. The Californian Gold Rush lasted for seven years from 1848 to 1855, but while those days are long gone, we can still go on a gold rush with the aid of this Wager Gaming slot title.

Reels and win lines

If you were expecting a big slot with lots of reels, you might be surprised to find yourself faced with just three here. You only get one payline too.

Coin values

The smallest bet you can play per spin is 10 cents, since this is the smallest coin in action. There are plenty of other options too though. Coins go up to the maximum $25 amount, while the game allows up to three coins on the line for each spin.

Gold Rush special icons in use

It is certainly not a shock to see a gold nugget appearing on the reels in a Gold Rush-themed game. A real gold nugget would bring you money, and you’ll get a prize for just one on the reels here, too. It must appear on the payline to count though – bear that in mind because you can see the icons appearing above and below the payline on each spin as well.

The gold nugget is also your chance to win the jackpot. The amount won is determined by the number of coins played, as well as the value of the coins. The best outcome for a three-coin bet is 1,600 coins. That could amount to a nice win for you.

Gold Rush bonus features

You may already have realized the game doesn’t provide us with any bonus features. You can see there is no wild here, and scatters don’t appear in basic slots either – and this does qualify as one of those.

Download and start playing the enjoyable Gold Rush slot now

The Gold Rush slot game is designed to encourage you to look for those all-important golden nuggets. If you had lived during the time of the real Gold Rush, you would have been doing the exact same thing, wouldn’t you? At least you can start looking for them via your computer now, thanks to this pleasing game from Wager Gaming. It may not be a hot favorite, but it is great to pass the time with.