Harbour Master Slots

We’ll reveal the answer to that now, as you won’t see the harbor master here. However, you will be met with a glorious view of plenty of yachts moored up in a marina – and it’s a photo, not an imagined marina. That’s unusual for a slot game, and it makes the appearance of this WGS slot very appealing.

The title isn’t misspelt either, since they’ve gone for the UK spelling with this game. That matters neither here nor there though, as it is the gameplay you will undoubtedly be most interested in.

Reels and win lines

As a classic slot game, they’ve gone for three reels here. That means you’d be right in thinking there is one payline to bet on.

Coin values

While some single-line games have higher coin values in action, this one can still be tried as a penny slot. The largest coin is a lot higher than that though, at $10. You also have a chance to wager more coins on the line, going to a maximum of five each spin.

Harbour Master special icons in use

There is a wild in store for you in this game, and it appears in the form of a clock. If you find one on the payline, you are guaranteed to win a prize. Not a big one, but a prize nonetheless. The paytable shows how coin prizes vary according to the coin quantity wagered on the line.

You’ll want to watch out for the compass above all else though. Why? Well, it’s the jackpot symbol. You’ll win something different depending on how many coins you bet on the line if three compasses came up, but the top amount is 1,500 coins.

Harbour Master bonus features

Most slot players don’t expect to see bonus elements in a three-reel slot. It’s not a shock to see there are none here either.

Download and start playing the enjoyable Harbour Master slot now

The look of this game is the main attraction, not to mention the chance to win prizes if you get a clock on the payline. There are prizes for ships, binoculars, and yachts too, so there is plenty to watch out for. If you like the look of this game, you will enjoy giving it a try. It’s not the most complex slot out there, but not all slots need to go down that route.