Jurassic Giants Slots

That title doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it? Pragmatic Play has delivered another winning slot game here, based on all the massive animals and dinosaurs that were around millions of years ago. Will any of them assist you in winning prizes, though? Let’s face up to these mighty animals to find out what happens…

Reels and paylines

This is a six-reel game, which is a rarity. However, it means we are treated to a game that includes a massive 4,096 ways to win!

How can you play this game?

You must choose a coin value before you begin, but the game uses that coin to calculate the total bet. This assumes there are 50 lines to contend with. Coins range from a cent to a half-dollar, and up to 10 can be played ‘per line’.

Does Jurassic Giants include any special icons?

Watch for stacked T-Rexes and mammoths to appear, since they pay out the biggest prizes. The wild is a volcano, and while it will never appear on reel one, it can show up on any of the other reels. The scatter icon is unusual, because it looks like a diamond. This holds the key to a special bonus feature.

Can you access a bonus feature in the Jurassic Giants slot game?

Yes, and you need as many diamonds as possible to get it. You must find at least 10 to trigger some free games, with 15 the smallest number to be won. However, the more diamonds you get, the more free games you win. If you were to find 20, you would secure an incredible 250 free games.

Download and play Jurassic Giants now!

The main feature here is of course the chance to win some free games. Many slots permit just three scatters to be found to win perhaps 10 free games. While you do need to find many more than that to win the minimum 15 games, those diamonds do appear stacked, and this happens quite often. That means the odds of winning through to the free spins are better than you might think.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed you get the chance to find lots of T-Rexes and mammoths too, since they are generous in the amount they will pay out if you do trigger a lucky win. Just how lucky could you get while playing Jurassic Giants? Find out today.