Monster Manor Slots

Monster Manor Slots

There are some familiar characters in the promo image of this slot game. Can you guess who they are? You may get some ideas when you see the game in full, as it treats you to some action and intrigue on the reels.

We are going to review Monster Manor here for you, so you can get an idea of how things might play out before you take your first spin of the reels. Are you ready to play?

Developer details for Monster Manor

This comes from Bovada, so you can guess which casinos are going to carry the game. This gives it a certain exclusivity too.

You can try it before you pay to play it

The game does include a practice alternative, so if you want to see how all the features might play out, you can give it a try first.

Does it have a monstrous theme?

It is certainly a great game to play on Halloween. You can look forward to some monster action with Dracula, Frankenstein (or at least two characters who look a lot like them), and a witch.

The game takes place outside the manor

The design of the game puts the manor in the background on a dark night with a full moon. Of course, it would do that, right? You can see lots of green letters and numbers for the lower-valued icons, but there are various freaky symbols for the better-paying ones on the reels too. There are werewolves and ghosts to spot.

How to play Monster Manor slots

This is a five-reel slot with the usual three symbols landing on each reel. There aren't any progressive jackpots anywhere here though.

Black cats are common enough in these themes, and the one we see in this game is the wild symbol. These can be stacked too. You can also get prizes for finding three, four, or five wild cats on a payline.

There are two scatters as well, rather than the usual one. The first is a ghost and the second is a bat. We'll cover the features connected to each of those later in our slot game review.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 50 in action - something that isn't obvious when you load the reels. However, they are all fixed, so you won't need the controls to deselect any of them.

Place your wagers

The green button at the bottom of the right side of the screen shows your current bet amount. You can adjust this by selecting it and choosing one of the spin values shown.

Make sure you check the paytable for the rules

We say this for every slot review we write, but there is good reason for that. If you don't check out the paytable, you won't know what may lie in store for you in the game.

Find that ghostly bonus symbol…

You need three of them to reveal the bonus round. This shows a grid filled with 12 ghosts. Each one hides a potion, with four of assorted colors to be found. The idea is to pick ghosts and collect the potions. When you find three potions of the same color, you receive the prize for that potion.

Free spins come from the bats

Indeed, they do, and you need three, four, or five bats to fly toward the free spin round. You would receive 10 freebies in each case, but the more bats you find to unlock the feature, the better the scatter payout will be. This could be worth up to 50x your bet.

You'll receive triple the usual prize values during these spins. There is a neat wild cat feature here too. If it lands on the middle reel, it turns into a witch and occupies all the spots on that reel.

What is the RTP like?

It seems to fall around the 96% mark, which is quite good for an online slot game, although not the highest we have seen.

Our rating for Monster Manor

This is quite a light theme for a monster-filled slot, so if you are keen on that approach, this is a great slot game to check out. We think the bonus along with those free spins and cat wilds make this a solid 8/10 game.

No jackpot winners here

There isn't a progressive jackpot, but there are lots of other prizes inside the paytable. Check those out first before you play.

Will you play for some entertainment value?

We guess you will, as this is the most sensible way to approach the game for the first time. You can make sure you like what you see before dipping into your wallet.

Play for real at Bovada-led casinos

You know where to go, right? You can bet you'll find other Bovada-created games there too.

This game is mobile friendly

Try it on tablets and smartphones and see if the Android or iOS platform suits you better than the desktop or laptop approach.