Pulsar Slots

Hmm, what do you think of when you read the title Pulsar? Does it suggest a theme? You’re about to find out what that theme is as we explore every aspect of this new slot release. We could tell you this slot appears to be out of this world, but would that give away a little too much?

Which developer created the Pulsar slot game?

This is the newest release from RTG, or Realtime Gaming if you prefer. They’ve had some other outer space releases before, so they have some experience in this themed area.

A demo version is included

This means you can check out the game to see what you think prior to parting with any real funds.

Theme information

We’ve told you this one is set in space, and you can expect to see planets appearing on the reels as you play. The background is suitably intergalactic too.

Is the design up to scratch?

It’s not as detailed as some games we’ve seen, but we like the approach they’ve taken with this one. This is a 2D slot, but it still manages to achieve a lot of depth as you play.

Learning the basics of the slot game

The game comes with five reels, and the icons are arranged in a honeycomb design that looks unusual. It means not all the reels have the same quantity of icons either, with two on each of the outer reels and three on each of the middle ones.

If you’re expecting info on a wild icon or a scatter, you won’t find either of those here. The game does have a few surprises though, shaped in the form of four different Neutron Stars. You’ll see these in four colors, and each one offers a different perk we’ll come to later in our review.

The game comes with Cascading Wins too. Whenever you get a prize, the winning symbols disappear and the grid is filled up again, with new ones completing any gaps left by the disappearing ones. If this results in another prize, the same process occurs again. There is no limit to how often this can happen, provided you get further wins each time.

Paylines you can get prizes on

There are 20 here – all fixed too, so you need to bet on all of them per spin.

Bets available

There are several of them, suiting most budgets when you’re ready to play.

Paytable information

We advise you read the paytable before getting started. This explains more about the features of the game, so it is a good idea to check it out.

Bonus possibilities

The only bonus feature here involves those Neutron Stars. Look out for green, red, pink, and blue ones. They appear on a random basis, showing one of three numbers when they do – either one, two, or three. This shows the number of spins they’ll remain in position for before they explode. Each color relates to a different explosion effect. When the explosion occurs, it leads to several icons nearby being taken out of position. These are replaced by new ones, so every explosion could potentially lead to further prizes.

No free spins to be had though

Enough said there, although each spin could potentially be more interesting thanks to the Cascading Wins and Neutron Star possibilities.

RTP is currently unknown

Yes, we should make it clear there is no chance of finding out what this is at present. We’ll update you when the info is released.

Our rating is…

Eight out of ten. We think this is a good slot that tries to do something different, and largely succeeds in making that different approach an intriguing one.

Winners stick to the paytable

That’s where all potential prizes are listed, avoiding any chance of finding some progressive jackpot opportunities in the Pulsar slot game.

Start with the practice version

This is a good method for seeing how the game plays out and whether you like it enough to bet on it for real.

All good RTG casinos online today allow members to play for real

Yep, so if you haven’t yet joined one of those casinos, this could be a great opportunity to do so.

Did you know you can play Pulsar on a mobile platform too?

Yes, choose your favorite internet-enabled device and play Pulsar on a tablet or smartphone today.