Storm Lords Slots

The Storm Lords sound like they could mean trouble. Does that mean trouble for us or are they going to be helpful people to know? It’s hard to say, which is why we decided to check out the new slot game by the same name, so we can see if it might be a favorite in the weeks to come.

Introducing Storm Lords…

It sure does sound dramatic, and the opening image shows us two people that we guess are the Storm Lords themselves. What else awaits us, we wonder?

Who developed the slot game?

Real Time Gaming has created this one. It seems far more dramatic than some of their other slots of late.

The game comes complete with a demo version

This means you can try the game as if you were playing for real, yet without the risk posed to your budget if you did play the real one.

A mix of themes is on offer

There is an Oriental appearance to this slot, but you are also going to be met with fantasy elements. Some slots that mix two themes together do well with them, so perhaps this one will as well.

A dramatic design that suits the theme

It would feel odd if this slot didn’t have a dramatic design to match the theme, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, it manages to live up to – and possibly exceed – expectations. Expect to see a temple, some flaming torches, and plenty of beautiful blossoms too.

Basic features for the Storm Lords slot game

The game doesn’t include any progressive jackpots, but we can still hope to secure one or two prizes from the ones mentioned in the paytable.

The game has five reels and the Storm Lords can appear on reels two and four as you play. You might guess they behave as substitute symbols, and if they do appear on those reels, they expand to complete them before pays are calculated and awarded. They are indeed powerful as we suspected they might be.

Are there lots of paylines involved?

Yes, you get 50 of them in this slot, although you don’t need to play all of them if you don’t want to.

Betting options

Coins can be worth from one cent to one dollar for each line. That means your bets to cover all those lines would be 50 cents to $50.

Read through the details on the paytable before you start

As always, the paytable is the place to be if you have any questions about the game. Take a moment to review it before deciding on coin values and how many lines to play. It’ll help you work out what to do and what to expect.

Does Storm Lords have any bonuses?

There is a bonus called the Treasure Coin Feature. You need six coins to appear in a spin to unleash three free re-spins. The coins remain in the positions they appeared in, so you get the chance to find more. If you do find more, another three re-spins are given to you. This continues until you run out of coins or re-spins or you fill the screen with coins. If you manage to do that, a jackpot is triggered.

Free spins are also available to enjoy

The amulet is your key to finding these spins. Three must appear for the Select Your Feature screen to materialize. You get two options to choose from. The first involves Storm Lord wilds appearing over reels two and four during six free spins. The second involves the same quantity of spins, only this time you get Treasure Coins permanently held over the entire fifth reel.

Do we know the RTP for this game?

Not yet, no.

Our rating for Storm Lords

We only saw a sneak peek of the game prior to writing this review, but at present we’re suggesting an 8 out of 10 slot game, with the chance that will rise…

Could there be some big winners in this game?

Yes, it could happen, especially if someone manages to fill their game screen with those Treasure Coins.

Play the demo to see what happens

This is the best way to understand how the game works and which features might come forth for you. It’s a good one to try just for entertainment value.

Play the real Storm Lords slot at all RTG casinos

Upon release of an RTG slot, that title appears in all RTG-powered casinos. Maybe you already know one or two you could play this at…

Mobile gaming is also available for Storm Lords

More good news for Android and iOS owners, we guess!