Gladiator's Gold Slots

It is reasonably common for gladiators to pop up in some slot games. Titles set in Rome tend to feature them, for example. Sometimes, those gladiators can be helpful, but they can also hinder your progress. Where will they stand in this game from the WGS outfit?

Reels and win lines

Things start promisingly with the display of five reels in the Gladiator's Gold slot game. That is why it is surprising to find this title only has five lines to bet on.

Coin values

Coins are offered in a wide range here. They start from just a cent apiece and go higher to $10 at most.

Gladiator's Gold special icons in use

You might expect to see a wild symbol in this game, but that's not the case. There is no scatter icon included either. All you will see is a selection of symbols, many of which are relevant to a theme featuring Rome and the gladiators. Think along the lines of the famous Colosseum for example, and Julius Caesar as well - the famous ruler of Rome who met a rather sticky end.

If you decide to give this game a shot, you need to get a winning combination on a paid line by finding the required number of matching symbols. There is no chance of getting any help from a wild.

Gladiator's Gold bonus features

Well, with no wilds or scatters, it's not a huge shock to discover a lack of bonus elements or free spins either. There are no bonus symbols to watch for, so this game is about as basic as you can get for a five-reel slot.

Download and start playing the enjoyable Gladiator's Gold slot now

So, is this a game you would be prepared to put in your collection of favorites? If you like straightforward games where you just need to find matching icons to win, you might enjoy it. But we don't think it is built in a way to make prolonged gameplay enjoyable.

If you tend to prefer three-reel slots with limited or no bonuses, this could be viewed as a bigger version of those. But other than that, it is hard to find a good reason to play that many spins of the Gladiator's Gold slot game. It's not a golden example of a great slot based in ancient Rome. Can you find a better one?