Quickspin may only have been around for a few years, but since 2012 they have been building an impressive portfolio of slot games. These games can be played today at several online casinos. You’ll find out more about a couple of them shortly.

If you want to know everything you should know about this software developer, we have all the answers right here. Are you ready?

What will you find in the Quickspin portfolio?

Lots of slot games players just love playing – that’s the simple answer. They’ve got 40+ slots ready for you to play today, and you can be certain there are more on the way. Their short history means their collection may not be as big as some other major names, but that doesn’t speak for the quality. Expect to find lots of huge slots in their back catalog when you look in there.

Find out more about our Quickspin review

This review will cover all the major areas you’d expect it to. Find out more about the best games to play from their collection, along with which casinos you can find them at. You will also learn about RTP and how it affects which games you might choose. You won’t miss a thing in our review.

Try our choice of some of the best Quickspin games around right now

Big Bad Wolf is the story of the wolf and the three pigs, and you will meet them all if you decide to play this game. While you get a standard wild in the game, there is also a chance you could trigger the Pigs Turn Wild bonus feature. You can also expect some free spins and a separate bonus – Blowing Down the House. This is a great game that makes the most of the various story elements in the fairytale.

Meanwhile, Ark of Mystery takes us into ancient Egypt to confront pyramids, scarab beetles, and everything else you might expect to turn up in such a slot. You can score prizes on up to 20 lines per spin, and there are two bonus elements to watch for as well. These are the Wild Ark Respin and the Multiplier Booster. While the latter only shows up on reel five, it can still enhance the value of everything found there.

Finally, the Northern Sky slot game delivers a stunning series of images to appreciate. Various animals appearing in the northern hemisphere are shown in angular form and in different colors too. It is a wonderful slot to look at, let alone play. The game offers you a respin feature, unlocked whenever you manage to win something on the reels. There are free spins available too, bringing you even more to appreciate.

Casinos with Quickspin games worth trying

Not all online casinos offer the Quickspin collection of games. Those that do are not always recommended to join. However, we would certainly give the thumbs up to Casumo and Unibet – two impressive casinos that have an excellent pedigree and many other games on offer as well.

Watch out for new player deals if you’re new to these casinos and you decide to join. There are plenty more deals where those came from, but it is good to get off to a great start prior to playing your first Quickspin slot game.

Finding free Quick Spin slot machines

These should be easy to find, as many casinos do offer you the chance to play their games just for fun. All you need to do is to see if your chosen casino offers a freeplay or demo mode to try before you make any proper bets. This means you will get play money or demo credits to use during play. You won’t win anything other than demo credits you cannot withdraw. However, it does give you the chance to score some experience playing one or two Quickspin games.

Are there new Quickspin games in the pipeline as well?

Definitely – regardless of when you land on this page, you can be certain Quickspin is working hard to produce new games for you to play. We will reveal more here as and when news comes in. If you are keen to play the newest titles, you will also find them at the Casumo and Unibet casinos we mentioned above.

Playing at Quickspin Australian casinos

If you live in Australia, you will know many casinos based in the US and elsewhere in the world do not allow Aussie players to sign up. Fortunately, even though this is the case, you won’t miss out on playing the best Quickspin titles around today. There are Aussie-friendly casinos with games from this developer available, so watch out for those and be sure you choose the best ones to join.

Is it worth playing Quickspin free slots?

Our answer to that is a resounding yes. There are plenty of games that include a free play option, and there are some good reasons for that. Playing a game just for the fun of it is good if you never like making real bets. Yet it is also good if you do bet for real. It gives you a chance to figure out whether a new game is going to be worth your time. We all have our preferences, and trying some free slots first means we can figure out which games are good to play. Quickspin slots usually do have a free version to try, so don’t miss it.

Learning from a Quickspin games demo

When you play a demo version of one of their games, you will soon realize it doesn’t deviate from the real version. You won’t win anything other than demo credits of course, and those credits mean you can continue playing in that mode. If you want to play for real credit prizes, you would need to make real bets on the proper version of the game.

However, before you get that far, you can see whether the demo brings you everything you would want from a slot game. If it does, you’ll know whether you want to go ahead and enjoy the fun and games.

Does the Quickspin games RTP matter?

We think it does. The value tells you what percentage of cash taken from that machine will be paid back in prizes. The higher the value, the more cash goes back to players in prize money. While it does not give any indication of your own personal success or lack thereof with any game, it is good to choose games with the highest RTP possible.

If it isn’t mentioned in the paytable, see if the casino offering the game reveals that figure for you. If not, you can likely find it elsewhere online. Just search for the game title and the RTP.

Don’t discount the Quickspin mobile games

If you are used to playing slots on your computer, you may not have thought of playing mobile slots. However, Quickspin has made sure all their games can easily be played on a variety of devices. If you play on a touchscreen device, you will find the controls are marked for ease of use. You can also enjoy both old and new games from Quickspin, especially since they’ve only been around since 2012. Most of their games are modern and easy to play and bring along lots of enjoyment too.

Enjoying Quickspin pokies Australia style

Pokies is the Australian term for slots, so if you want to play pokies, you’re going to get the same selection of games offered by Quickspin to players in other parts of the world.

The trick to locating these pokies is to find an Australian casino that accepts members from your country. You can then see if they offer Quickspin games. Very often, their logo will be at the bottom of the site. You might also be able to search for software providers. If so, look for Quickspin and see how many of their pokies are included.

Ever heard of Quickspin token games?

If not, you are missing out on a new way to enjoy Quickspin slot games even more than you already do. Participating casinos offer an achievements-based format whereby you can collect tokens whenever you play qualifying Quickspin slots. The idea is to earn the tokens by completing tasks, such as creating a win with the aid of two wild icons. You can read more about qualifying tasks on the casino website offering the token feature.

There are four levels to attain depending on the number of tokens you collect. Reach one of those levels and you can expect a bonus. Maybe it will be some free spins of the game you’re playing. Maybe something else might crop up. Read more about the achievements you could look forward to and start collecting those tokens today.

New Quickspin tournaments are also available

Tournaments put another layer of fun and games on top of the appeal of many slot games. If you are a member of one or more casinos offering Quickspin games, watch out for a tournament based around one of those games. If you are going to play anyway, it makes sense to consider joining a tournament if you can. Some require a small fee to enter but this does not always apply. If you find a freeplay tournament, it provides another chance to win something on top of the regular prize opportunities offered in a Quickspin slot game.

Discover your top Quickspin games today

We’ve highlighted three great games from Quickspin already, but you can be sure of finding plenty more. Watch out for King Colossus, Mighty Arthur, Rapunzel’s Tower, and Hot Sync among others. Will one of those produce a nice win or two for you to go along with the pleasant experience?