US Gambling Sites

There is no shortage of online gambling sites based in the US or offering services to those who live in a US state. However, there is a major difference between finding these sites and finding the ones you can trust. With today’s modern graphics and website creation tools, it’s not difficult to design an online gambling site that looks the part. Since they all look great, how can you tell which ones you can trust?

That’s an issue lots of players have come up against in the past. We understand the challenges, and we get that lots of players are nervous of signing up and depositing cash at a casino when they’re unsure about its standing. That’s why we decided to explore the topic in more detail. Just how can you find the best US gambling sites – the ones you can make deposits at without worrying? The ones you know you can withdraw your cash from when you win, without coming up against barriers or a lack of customer support.

Here are the main features you should look for when reviewing any US-friendly online casino or gambling site. If you can tick these boxes, you can have confidence you’ve found a reliable and trustworthy site to join.

Look for a long track record

We know all casinos must start somewhere. A new casino could open its virtual doors today and be 100% trustworthy, but you won’t know that because it doesn’t have a track record. If it has been developed and promoted by a reliable company, that’s fine, but if you don’t know much about the creator, you should steer clear.

That’s why looking for a long track record is important. How long has the site been in business for? Check this independently – don’t trust the information provided on the site itself. The longer it has been around for, the better – look for those with a decade or more in the business and you can be certain they’re reliable and good to join.

Are they spoken of with high regard in the business and among other players?

You might need to look around online to find out the answer to this one. But a quick Google search of the casino name should reveal some forums, blogs, and other sites that have reviewed it. You’ll soon find a range of opinions and experiences relating to that casino. If they’re all positive, you’re good to go.

How fast are they at processing withdrawals?

This information should be provided on a banking page, within the FAQs, within the cashier section, or somewhere else on the site. You should also see if they live up to their promises. Again, this information should be available elsewhere online. If you find lots of stories of people who have struggled to get fast withdrawals (or any withdrawals at all), steer clear.

It’s also worth looking at how many methods they offer for processing withdrawals. Check, bank transfer, and card payments are all possible. If the casino offers cryptocurrencies you can usually withdraw via this method too.

How reliable is their support?

Our ideal support method is live help, since it means you can chat with someone online in seconds. If there is nothing but an email address, you should be dubious. The site might be legit, but if the only way to get in touch is by sending an email, would you be comfortable doing that?

Some sites offer phone numbers, email, WhatsApp, and live help. A mix of ways to get in touch is ideal, and if they are all available around the clock, so much the better. Some sites offer limited help during office hours only, which is no good if you’re going to be playing outside those hours or need some advice at the weekend.

How good is their welcome promotion?

A good US gambling site should offer a good welcome promotion. This might be spread over more than one deposit, so you’ll get a great deal on up to five (and sometimes more) deposits when you join. Some might throw in some free spins if you’re lucky, so watch out for those.

Whatever is on offer, consider whether you will get wagering requirements attached to the deal. The best US casinos minimize the effect of the wagering requirements – and if you’re lucky, you may get zero wagering requirements. That’s still rare, but it can happen.

Which casino comes top in the US right now?

For our money, it’s Bovada Casino. This has been a big name for a long time, and that’s because their casino is built on reliability, great service, great deals, and a superb collection of gaming opportunities. It is streets ahead of many other US casinos, although there are several others that also meet the criteria we’ve laid out above.

Check out our other recommendations for the best US gambling sites here today. We’ve done the hard work of evaluating and reviewing them to save you time and hassle. If you start as you mean to go on, you’ll know your experience is bound to be a positive one.