Viking Slots

Every slot uses a theme, but you’ll no doubt have noticed some of those themes crop up more than others. One dramatic theme you may spot is that of the Vikings. Play any slot with a Viking theme and you will be taken back through history as far as the 8th century. They disappeared in the 11th century, but in the intervening years, the Vikings spread out across much of Europe, conquering the seas as they went.

These Norse seafarers make great characters to include in online slot games. You can expect to see games set on the waves, perhaps conquering enemies and plundering other boats. There is drama wrapped up with the Vikings, and that is another great reason why many slot game developers use the Vikings to help inspire some new slots.

If you haven’t yet tried any slot games based around the Vikings, we’ve highlighted some for you here. That means you don’t need to go searching to find some of the best titles devoted to these Norse people, and their travels around the seas. Will they be with you or against you as you try to win prizes by spinning the reels of these games?