Why Are Free Spins So Popular Among Slot Players?

Don't you just love free spins? These are spins you get free of charge whenever you are playing a slot game. They don't appear in every online slot, but they can crop up quite often, especially when you are playing a slot with five reels. They don't usually appear in three-reel slots, but there are always exceptions to that rule.

Let's look at why these bonus elements are so popular with slot players today. We think you can probably guess some of the answers.

They provide a different take on the base game

Sometimes, a slot will provide the free spins on the same set of reels as the base game. Other times, they'll introduce a new set of reels for the free games. For example, the base game might occur during the day, and the free spins are played at night. There are plenty of other variations, too.

You can literally spin for free!

What better opportunity could there be to spin those reels for real prizes, all the while knowing you aren't paying to do so? If you win free spins, it is great to sit back and watch to see how profitable those spins could be for you.

You sometimes stand a better chance of winning prizes

Some free spins features include extra elements you wouldn't see in the main game. The most common of these is a multiplier added to all prizes won. This is usually either x2 or x3 in value. However, sometimes you might get a multiplier on all prizes won with the help of the wild icon, rather than all prizes.

Other elements might also be included. For instance, expanding or moving wilds might be included, or simply additional wilds added to the reels for the free spins. Some games allow you to win another set of free spins while playing the first set, by way of the same trigger. Others might give you different options for the free spins, too. This is usually given as a choice of how many free spins you would like. The more you go for, the smaller the winning multiplier will be.

As you can see, free spins are always popular, and there are several good reasons why this is the case. If you are ready to play a slot game, it makes sense to choose one that has free spins included in it as well, don't you think?