Casino Lux

First opening its virtual doors in 1997, Casino Lux was one of the earliest online casinos that are still in operation today. It has processed over 1.7 million in transactions in its history. This casino uses the latest software from Grand Virtual for its games. More than 70 classic and video slot machines are available for playing at this casino. Many of the games have a minimum deposit of $5 required with no strings attached. If you are a fan of card games, video poker, and blackjack, you will surely enjoy playing here. Withdrawals are processed every 24 hours, and you can receive winnings in as little as 12 hours!

There is a signup bonus of $30 with a low deposit of at least $5. Additionally, there is a new player bonus of $50. Currently a $500 secret bonus is being offered. There are special one-time promotions randomly offered, and fun monthly tournaments to participate in. All the events at Casino Lux give the player thrilling competition and several chances of winning. Cash prizes can be acquired with skill, luck, or both! Millions in jackpots are awarded each month to players by progressive jackpots that are part of a network on the internet.

Tops and Bottoms is one of the more popular slot machine games offered at Casino Lux. It features 3 wheels and 5 win lines of scantily clad women. You can play for fun with free practice, or play to win the $500.00 bonus. With a minimum bet of 25 cents, or a maximum bet of $5.00, you won't go broke while having fun. Betting one coin will activate the first line, betting two will activate two lines, and so on, up to five lines. To start play, drop casino chips into the slot, and pull the handle by clicking on it with your mouse.

Casino Lux is the home of a 0 to 36 roulette wheel, which is a favorite of many. It also provides players with the popular Wheel of Fortune game. Casino Solitaire is another refreshing game you can play at this Egyptian-themed casino. Money Wheel and Chuck-A-Luck are rare games you can find here. To play anytime, download the casino to your desktop. This casino has a reputation of reliability and you can contact customer support by email, or by using the FAQ page. Try Casino Lux today for great variety 3-D games!