Gambling by Country: Know what’s Popular

There is no doubt that just about every country across the world enjoys some form of gambling but it is true that depending on where you are, the favorites might vary from one country to the next. If you have a particular destination in mind it may be important to know what games draw the biggest crowds.

If you are headed into Asia, places like Macau, have a special fondness for VIP Baccarat. In fact, this generates the majority of Macau's gaming revenue. The most popular version of Baccarat is Punto Banco. In 2015, VIP Baccarat brought in some $15.62 billion to Macau.

In Canada, blackjack and slot machines are boss. Canadian casinos are filled with slot machines and blackjack tables. Canadians would never pass up a hot slot machine or a blackjack table for a game of roulette or baccarat.

In the US, Las Vegas is the City of Lights and well known for its glitzy casinos on the "strip." But, the city that never sleeps can't get enough of the slot machines. You will find slot machines everywhere you go.

Roulette is a favorite in France and the word roulette is French for "little wheel." The French can't seem to get enough of the game so it continues to be in a league of its own in France. The European variant of the game is a bit different from American roulette.

In the "Land down under" they love slot machines, which they call pokies. Over 80% of the population in Australia gambles in some way. This is evident when you walk into any Australian pub.

The people in Singapore enjoy playing the lotteries. The most popular is called 4D, which is the 4 digit lottery. Lottery lovers in Singapore are always looking for that perfect 4 digit winning combination to place their money on.