Unlike most European countries, the United States gambling laws do tend to restrict access to some online gaming activities. This isn't to say that all states or even all online casinos prevent or restrict access to the websites, but there are some states that definitely do so through internet gambling laws. With the constantly changing regulations some of the internationally based online casinos don't allow American based players, but if you look around you will find online games and slots galore from some of the top casino sites in the world that are more than happy to have new players from the USA.

Recommended US-Friendly Casinos

The whole issue with online gambling in the United States started with restrictions on American based or operating financial institutions handling funds that may have been obtained through gambling or being used to fund gambling, which is illegal in some but not all states. The legislation was enacted in 2006, causing a lot of confusion about the status of online casinos throughout the entire country. This caused a few of the major online casinos, particularly those managed by Microgaming, to stop accepting new US based players. However, not all online casinos have pulled out of the US market, providing some outstanding slot machines, poker and online gaming action for those want to participate. Even Microgaming still allows those Americans with existing accounts to play and only new users denied access to creating accounts.

With the online casinos that do accept US players there are few restrictions unless you are in specific state that bans online gambling by law. The number of casinos accepting Americans is pretty consistent with some truly world class casinos such as Manhattan Slots, Club USA and Sun Palace Casinos all open to new American players. This is just a partial list and there are numerous very reputable online casinos available to US based players.

The number of games available to US players is virtually the same as players anywhere else in the world can access and enjoy. Several of the very popular games include three and five reel games as well as games with multiple paylines for high energy excitement. In addition progressive games, bonus spins, wild symbols and scatters in the game really add to your online gaming experience.

Before opening an account with any online casino be sure to read through the information provided on the site about membership. Those casinos that don't accept new US based players will have that information available, often with links to online casinos that do allow new American accounts. It really isn't difficult to find casino to play; you just have to check the account information before going through the registration process to avoid being disappointed.

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