Welcome to the Café Casino Family

There are a million reasons to love Cafe casino but the top reasons are being able to play the games you love most and the rewards program that they offer. The rewards program at Café Casino lets players make their money work for them. The instant that you sign up for Café Casino and make your first deposit, you are automatically enrolled in the rewards program.

The rewards program at Café Casino allows players to immediately enjoy all of the great casino perks. Just some of these perks include huge weekly bonuses, weekly draws for cash prizes, cash-back on your deposits and refer-a-friend bonuses. These are all great ways to maximize your game play.

One of the great offers of being a rewards member is that there are random drawings and for every 10 reward points you earn will get you one entry for $4,000 in cash prizes - every week. Plus, every day you get 10% cash-back on the deposits you made the day prior.

As soon as you get 50000 points, you advance to the VIP status of the program. When this happens, everything is increased. The weekly bonuses are even higher adding an extra $1,000 for VIPs to the weekly $4,000 draws, giving a 15% cash-back instead of 10%, and a free chip on your birthday. All players have to do to join the rewards program is deposit and play and the perks start rolling in.