Lucky Player Scoops Progressive Jackpot at Bovada Casino

The progressive jackpot on the Caribbean Hold 'Em game at Bovada Casino dropped to the value of six figures recently - and lucky player Jonathan B was the man to scoop it, and he won a total of $119,348.

This table game is based on regular poker, and Jonathan began by wagering $25 on the ante. He got some good cards, raised his bet, and ended up securing a Royal flush. Anyone with any knowledge of poker will know that's a very good hand! Even with two cards still to go, the dealer couldn't better that, and he ended up winning at odds of 100-1.

Usually, those odds at a $75 bet would win the player $7,500. However, Jonathan had made a side bet too. That means putting a dollar on the bet for the progressive jackpot - and that dollar secures part or all of the progressive pot for any player who gets at least a flush. And as you might have guessed, the Royal flush meant Jonathan qualified to win the entire progressive jackpot. He is now richer to the tune of over $100,000, and we guess he is celebrating even as you read this. That's probably the best Caribbean Hold 'Em poker game he has ever played at Bovada Casino!